Pacified (at least for now).

I wanted to wait until Camilla was 3 weeks old before giving her a paci, but today was long and fussy and I caved. 


It was greeted with some initial suspicion but she’s catching on. This child is much, much happier when she’s sucking on something, so I have high hopes that she’ll grow to like it pretty quickly.

I know that some parents don’t like these things, but I’ll invite those parents to sit through one of our screamfests and see if they’re not converted by the end.


9 thoughts on “Pacified (at least for now).

  1. Yay! We love Nuk pacifiers. Both of my boys started out loving them and then dropped them around five months when they started sucking various digits instead. I’m all for what makes a sucking baby happy.

  2. None of ours would put up with the paci, but the middle kid was a thumb-sucker and let me tell you he’s been our best sleeper yet — it was great. Of course, the bonus with the paci is it’s much easier to take away than the thumb when it’s time to move on….So glad to hear it’s helped calm the screaming sessions.

  3. Both Sam and Cassie loved their “binkies” (I think they are technically Camilla’s second cousins). Cassie used to squirrel them away around the house, and when I would take one away, she would just go and get another one. They both threw them away the day before their third birthdays. When they asked for one, we just reminded them that they had thrown them away, and they would get a far off look on their face and say “Oh yeah…”. Our pediatrician even suggested binky was better than thumb because you can not take away a thumb! Hope she continues to adjust and relax.

  4. Emily was our “binky” baby…Rob went to the store about ten o’clock her third night home…she started sleeping through the night :-)
    We still have it as a keepsake.

  5. Anything that will grant you a few minutes or hours of peace and quiet is a good thing in these first few months. Cate won’t take a paci, but she’s working like crazy to get her fingers in her mouth. When Grace mastered finger sucking she started sleeping through the night at 5 mo. Only 2 1/2 months to go for Cate!

  6. Pacifiers are a good thing. What Dawn said is correct – you can take away a paci, but the thumb stays. When she’s older and you’re ready to take it away, ask me how to make that easy. All three of ours took a binky with no ill-effects.

    Your daughter is beautiful.

    Ed Noland

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