Those classic baby bath photos.

Today was a very good day with the babe. I have to admit that some of my immediate post-birth bliss faded when she started to cry. A lot. I think that her little tummy has been hurting, and it hurts us to watch. We’ve tried baby antacid drops and I’ve eliminated some possible culprit foods from my diet and it is hopefully starting to pay off. We also have our first pediatrician appointment tomorrow and will see if he has any additional advice.

In the meantime, it sure is nice to cuddle with a baby who’s not screaming.


We didn’t take photos of Camilla’s first bath because it involved a lot of newby-parent tension and, of course, baby screaming. Today’s bath went much more smoothly.

She made some faces to let us know that she wasn’t happy about this, but it didn’t seem to be as entirely traumatic as the last one.

Camilla's 2nd bath.

She sure smells better now.

And the hair? Let’s just say that there are going to be some awesomely wild baby hair photos in the days to come.

Fresh and clean.


8 thoughts on “Those classic baby bath photos.

  1. I absolutely LOVE that last picture where she is pulling on her ear. What an expression!!! We can hardly wait to hold this little lady.

  2. What a doll! I can smell the baby shampoo in the photograph! The expressions are priceless–thank you so much for taking the time to post these because I know it does take time. Tons of love, Mom

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