Too cute not to photograph.

 Before Camilla was born, husband and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Husband: Just so you know, I don’t want to be one of those couples that photographs every single little thing the baby does.
Me: Um… are you sure?

Fortunately, he seems to have changed his mind. He now regularly asks me to bring him the camera when he’s sitting on the couch holding her and he was very patient when waiting for the yawning shot below. So I’m going to go ahead and credit husband with about half of these photos and lots of the ones to come.

Grandma kisses.

These were the last photos with grandma (= my mom) before she had to leave on Friday. That was a sad day. Mom was amazing to have around: she got to watch Camilla’s birth, and then afterward she brought me all sorts of delicacies in the hospital and once we arrived at home. Do you have any idea how nice it is to have someone hand you a plate of hot scrambled eggs and bacon at 7:30 am when you’ve been up five times during the night? Not to mention the reassurance of having someone in the house who has had a baby before and can tell you if that thing she just did is, in fact, normal?

Looking over Grandma's shoulder.

On the day that she left, I’m not sure who was crying harder: me, mom, or the baby. We really miss her and can’t wait to fly home and see both our families in three weeks.



A tasty fist.

Oh, and lest you think that we’ve completely forgotten The Beans, let me assure you that she still gets her little treats from time to time. Like the bits of gourmet sorbet left inside the container.

Beans gets lucky.

It doesn’t take too much to make this dog happy.


6 thoughts on “Too cute not to photograph.

  1. Josh’s comment made me laugh. Before we had Hazel I thought, “oh no, my blog won’t just become an ode to the baby.” How wrong I was. I think we have more pictures of Hazel from the first 11 months of her life than our entire 4 year marriage.

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