The baby happies.

Before Camilla was born, I admit that I worried a bit about whether or not I would get the “baby blues.” I have a past history of depression and it seemed like just the sort of thing I would be prone to.  That’s why it has come as such a pleasant surprise that I have been fairly ecstatically happy instead. I don’t want to say that things will always be like this (or that there haven’t been any tears at all), but there have just been so many good things that I don’t know how I could be sad for long even if I tried. Between a good birth experience, an amazing husband, a baby who nurses well (albeit painfully), and a mother who hands me delicious things to eat every time I turn around, life is very good.

And to make it even better, my brother just called and said that he proposed to his girfriend. And she said yes.



Also, I think I am free to spread the news that my sister and her husband are also expecting a baby — a boy — in December. Her pregnancy has been much more stressful than mine was, but the little miracle baby hung in there and is getting bigger and will make a very fabulous cousin and playmate for Camilla.

Basically, this has been the best year ever for my family. And it’s only June.


6 thoughts on “The baby happies.

  1. I think having a great husband can really make the new baby thing quite fantastic. I am never more impressed by Andrew and the sacrifices he’s willing to make for us than right after we have a baby. As a result, I’ve managed to enjoy the “baby happies” with both our girls. :)

    Camilla has the most beautiful skin! Quite perfect! And so many congrats to your brother and sister. What a joyful year already!

  2. What blessings!! Congratulations on all you have to be thankful for.
    And thank you for posting new photos, I was quite sure the children would explode if they didn’t get to see some soon.


  3. I love reading your blog…your joy just spills over and blesses me. And Camilla is just adorable!
    (I’m going to send you an email with a tip for the painful nursing thing…although I’m sure you have lots of people to help this is something that helped me a great deal.)

  4. I’m not sure why my last log in was asteroidb612. Sorry about that. But now you’ll know who wrote it. Dad

  5. So, so thrilled and happy for y’all. Thanks for posting the pictures. It really makes my day, just seeing your joy.

    Hugs to all,
    Camilla’s Great Aunt Jeanne

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