The one with all the hair.

I’m pretty sure that’s how they refer to her in the nursery.

Introducing Camilla.

But you can call her Camilla. Camilla Calliope Eva-Marie Frances Jerusalem Jubilee Gibbs, if you want, since that’s her full name.

The three Gibbses.

She was born this morning at 4:54 am weighing 8 lbs, 5.6 oz, and was 20 inches long.

Holding her for the first time.

Her little thighs are are amazingly chubby.

The proud father.

We love her so very much.

Josh watched her stuff her entire fist in her mouth.

God is very good to us.

22 thoughts on “The one with all the hair.

    • Paula and Josh — Camilla is truly beautiful. Of course we love her name since it’s so close to “Camille”. I loved seeing pictures of your new family and of Grandma holding her. You both look like you’ve lost weight — and for you I don’t mean “baby weight” — lookin’ good! We look forward to seeing you at Myron’s wedding. Love to all!

  1. Paula,
    She is just lovely. And her name! It is a poem in itself. Congratulations! Aren’t these just the most powerful emotions you’ve ever felt in your life?

    Couldn’t be happier for you.

    Much warmth,

  2. She looks (and sounds!) pretty near perfect! I’m so glad that she responded to the eviction notice and came of her own accord. :) So, what are y’all calling her?

  3. Congratulations! She is beautiful and you look great! Isn’t it just the most wonderful thing and all the feelings that come rushing in? God is truly good to bless us with children.

  4. I adore her name(s)!! Amazing job guys! You both look so in love with her already.

    Is that an auburn tint to her precious hair or the lighting? We’ll be stalking the site for new pictures!


  5. Congratulations! You made a person(with some help from the Big Guy, of course)!! Rest up and enjoy these amazing moments as a new family.

    Best wishes from the Maylors (Dawn, Ed, Sam and Cassie)

  6. *joy, Joy, JOY!!*
    So very many congrats, you two. We are rejoicing with you! She’s completely adorable, and yes…is that a little auburn hair tint I see? Cuteness! Love the fabulous name. *hugs to the max*

  7. Congratulations!! (I pop on here now and then to see your lovely photos!) She’s lovely. I came out of the woodwork because my daughter’s name is Jubilee. It’s an underused name, I’d say!

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