Been busy.

I’m almost done with the nursery, but my organizing efforts keep getting derailed by the billions of other things that seem to be going on right now. This is the second-to-last week of school, and because I, um, procrastinated a little, we cut it close with the all-school art contest last week.

Trinitas Christian School art contest.

We had 93 entries, which isn’t too bad for a school with only 150 students.

As the art teacher, I admit that I was a little annoyed that a lot of really good in-class projects were not entered in the contest. I know they’re out there…

…but at the same time, I was really happy that so many nice pieces did make it in.

The oil pastel parrots were a 5th/6th grade class project, as were the 2nd grade painted paper collages.

The polar bears and jaguar collage done by 4th graders. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the 1st prize pear drawing and elephant crayon resist two photos up were also done by a 4th grade private student. Pretty good, eh?

All of the prize-winning high school photos were taken by students in my 9th/10th grad photography class, which is doing some really nice work right now. It really is a bummer that the class only meets for 45 minutes twice a week — we didn’t get to a lot of the projects I had planned and I think that more practice with the camera would have been good for everybody.

(Just in case you’re wondering, I did NOT judge the contest: I have no objectivity when it comes to my students’ art! It is way too difficult for me to look at any of these and not think about how talented that particular student is and whether or not this particular piece is the best they can do. I was thrilled and relieved when we found two non-parent judges who did a great job and kept me off the hook.)

Another big event for us last week was the lovely baby shower thrown for us by the ladies in our church. The decorating was amazing (they found out that I like birds and ran with the theme) and we were showered with love and pink baby clothes.

Baby shower at St. Andrew's.

The younger girls kept themselves busy by picking out presents one at a time for me to open.

The little girls brought me the presents.

Even husband joined in the fun. (Yes, I have a strange expression on my face. Isn’t the camera charming about capturing little moments like that?)

Husband joined the fun for a while.

I now have the most amazing collection of baby gift bags, so if anyone local is going to a baby shower make sure you ask me before going out and buying one. It will take me years to re-use all of these!

So many pretty presents!

Fortunately, there were two little babies in the audience to keep everyone busy while I opened presents. I have to confess that I didn’t hold either one since my tummy makes it a little difficult and since I’m resting my arms in advance of their new, full-time occupation of holding my own bebe.

Kh. Nora's baby.

(Many thanks to Lauren Pope for taking the baby shower photos.)

In the end, I think that a fun time was had by all and we got some very lovely items for baby’s layette. Now all I have to do is get those last few bits and pieces of paraphernelia that we probably don’t need but which I definitely don’t want to run to the store for after baby is born. Which still feels as though it is going to be sooner rather than later.

Just 1 1/2 more weeks of school to go…


2 thoughts on “Been busy.

  1. I haven’t been in blogland lately due to our new baby girl arriving a bit ago, but I wanted to check in see how much longer you have! Your nursey is adorable and you look great Paula! I can’t wait to see the post all about your new addition.

  2. Thanks for posting Paula! I haven’t seen anything about school so it was very fun to see the art contest. I was making a comment to Jacob about how you must be the hardest art judge ever when I read that you got off the hook with it :) The shower pics are great too – you are the cutest pregnant lady! ~ Marian

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