I want to get away.

Husband and I took a little beach vacation over the weekend as a combination my birthday / his birthday / last weeks before parenthood present. (His birthday is the baby’s due date, so we’re hoping that we’ll be doing a different kind of celebrating in June.) We left right after school on Friday hoping to find a hotel in Destin or Sandestin but ran into a few difficulties of the sort that make pregnant women cry. Did you know that a lot of the great-looking hotels right next to the beach are not actually hotels but condos? We didn’t. We also didn’t know that there is a gigantic motorcycle rally in Panama City Beach at this time of year called — appropriately — “Thunder Beach.” We knew something was up when we passed people setting up lawn chairs facing the road in front of their beach houses. I mean, why would you look at the road when the beach is in your back yard? To check out the parade of Harleys, of course!

Thunder Beach motorcycle rally (oops).

To make a long story short, we gave up on Friday and tried again on Saturday, this time settling at a beach hotel in Fort Walton Beach. Second time was the charm.

Driving to the beach.

Sand dunes.

We wisened up and made a reservation that morning, so we set out full of confidence that a room by the beach awaited us. After a tasty dinner, we took a barefoot walk on the sand at sunset.

Fort Walton Beach.


Taking a nice evening walk.

The water was warm.

Weird jellyfish.

Must. Be. Poked.

Almost dark.

And another one the next morning. (That’s our hotel below.)

Our hotel.

The beach in the morning.

White and green and blue water.

Sand cliffs.

The best-looking condos.


A little bird looking for breakfast.

Drama in the sky.

Beach-walking feet.

We had breakfast on our little patio.

Breakfast on the veranda.

And, on the way back, we found that our favorite snow-cone stand was open!

An added bonus.

Yummy snow cones.

A perfect ending to the perfect little vacation.


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