(You thought it was a goner, but) the shop came back!

I guess I should say “shops” because I mean both this one and this one. Remember those? I haven’t had them up and running since we moved to Florida in August, but I’ve recently been experiencing strong urges to clean out all those boxes of Etsy supplies in my closet. I would really like to sell most of my stash before baby comes, so I’ve discounted all the prints and priced the paintings and drawings pretty low. All of the Alphabirdybet letters are $2 now, but I’m warning you in advance that I’m not printing any more so once all the As (or Ts or Ms) are gone, they’re gone! Same goes for the Day at the Beach prints — I only have a few left and don’t plan to order more. (Unless you are Miranda, and you happen to be sending me something awesome for the baby’s room. You could probably convince me if you really tried.)

Oh, today also happens to be my 29th birthday. I will be 29 when my baby is born. For some reason, I find this so hard to believe — not because it’s impossible that I’m growing older, but because this is the age when I am becoming a mother. Weird. And wonderful.


Now $2 here.


Now $5 here.


Now $12 here.


Now $12 here.


$45 here.


$35 here.


$40 here.


4 thoughts on “(You thought it was a goner, but) the shop came back!

  1. you don’t *have* to reorder just for me. just save me a seaweed and a starfish. ;) i’ll be sure to get around to taking them off your hands someday. thanks*m

  2. The day at the beach prints are so lovely. I may have sent you an etsy message in which I pitifully offered to swap you something for some of them…

  3. Happy belated birthday, Paulakins! That is very luverly (and yes, uncanny) to be having your ‘nearly a mum’ birthday…I’m so excited for you two. :) Much love from the Stormy side of the world, Laura

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