Apartment preview.

After spending way more time than usual at school this week, I finally had a day at home. Aaaaah. The less time I spend at home, the more untidy it gets and the more agitated I feel when I return exhausted in the evening, put my (swollen) feet on the ottoman, and see all the things that need to be done. So today I dusted and vacuumed and mopped and worked on a few projects that have been lingering for weeks. It’s not “done,” but it’s good enough to show a few photos.


I’m going to start with the bedroom because it makes me happy every morning to wake up and see the gorgeous light streaming through the window. The downside is that all that light makes it hard to go back to sleep (I’m still looking for the perfect curtain), but I am so grateful that this is the only “problem” with the room. I also want to paint that dark brown frame and find a new, non-brown shade for the bedside lamp, but I can definitely live with both until I get another burst of nesting energy.

That big painting I was working on.

This is that big painting for the bedroom that I said I was working on awhile back. It’s done except for needing a few coats of a clear matte sealer…it leaves mysterious blue marks on the wall if I’m not careful. Since we don’t have a headboard, I really like having something big hanging over the bed.

Mmm, wood paneling.

Our kitchen has a little dining nook on the side and great light thanks to a set of sliding glass doors leading to our cute little patio (forgot to take a photo of that, whoops!). It’s been a long time since I had wall paneling, and I can’t say that absence made the heart grow fonder. At least the table and chairs stand out nicely, right?

Charming cabinets.

This is the kitchen half. Living in Florida obviously didn’t stop the apartment owners from putting in cabinets with all the charm of an Alpine ski lodge. And they’re not just tacky in the visual sense — the cheap stain combined with high humidity makes the doors and shelves feel sticky all the time, no matter how hard I scrub. I lined all the shelves with heavy duty contact paper but there’s not much to do about the doors. Or the door handles. Sigh.

A more neutral living room.

This is the view of the living room which you see from the kitchen. I think I’ll probably throw a bed cover over the couch when baby comes to make this space a little brighter and so that she doesn’t spit up directly on the upholstery. Not that my baby will spit up, of course, but I’ve been told that it’s better to be prepared.

My Calder print, of course.

This room is a lot smaller than our old one, and to be honest it feels kind of cramped since we have so many non-negotiable items that needed to be squeezed in (not-shown bookshelves and cd cabinets, the sofa and chair, big ol’ tv, and a desk and office chair). Plus, the tv and modem simply had to fit along this little wall, which also has an ugly vent that can’t be completely covered up so I can change air filter from time to time. Our red tv cabinet was too big, so we ended up getting the half-size white one (which has our dvd player, cable box, and a lot of wires stuffed inside) and trying hide the vent with the chair. It’s not perfect, but I just couldn’t figure out what else to do.

I guess I’ll have to post photos of the sides of the living room sometime, but for now I’ll try and leave you with the impression that our new apartment is very sparse and clean all the time.

Yah, right.


3 thoughts on “Apartment preview.

  1. I love your dining nook!! The wood paneling reminds me of my parents’ house, but with the table and print on the wall it looks awesomely Scandinavian! I’m glad you’re getting settled into the new apartment!

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