Much less comfortable.

I now know why everyone said to enjoy the second trimester while it lasts…the third one is a lot less fun (and it’s just beginning). Lots of new places have begun to ache and my ankles have taken on the charming habit of swelling to unfortunate proportions. Oh, and I’m having weird dreams again. Several times in the past week I dreamt that I had a baby boy. This in itself was not a terrible thing–I like boy babies too!–but in my dream I had a terrible and very real sense of loss that the girl that I talk to and think about and pray for just didn’t exist all of the sudden. To be honest, it was really disquieting. Other ladies who have been pregnant: did you ever have dreams like this? And did they come true, or was it just your subconscious playing tricks on you?

Despite my lack of gracefulness and bend-over-ability, I am helping to paint a set for Anne of Green Gables, this year’s school play. Lauren and I worked on it all afternoon and I’m going to see how much I can finish on Monday morning. It is really fun to paint with giant brushes (and to not have to worry that anyone is going to look very closely!). If it turns out okay, I’ll try to remember to take a photo.


2 thoughts on “Much less comfortable.

  1. Whenever I dreamt about Bella, she was a boy. And, I had at least two very very vivid dreams in which he/she was born at home extremely premature (25-30 wks or so) and we couldn’t get her to the hospital soon enough. But she turned out fine (and very girly!) and this time around I haven’t had any such sort of freak-out dreams. So fear not. :)

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