Operation: Baby’s Room.

This week is spring break at Trinitas (hooray!) and while there are definitely some school projects I should be working on/thinking about, I’m doing my best to distract myself by decorating the baby’s room.

Baby's room (before)

Obviously the room is still being used as a catch-all, but we’re hoping to pick up a few pieces of furniture at Ikea for the living room so we can clear the stash piles out. (Locals: are any of you interested in the blue polka dot floor pillow and two matching cushions? Our new living room is quite a bit smaller than the old one and just not floor-cushion friendly. Leave me a comment or talk to me at school if you want ’em.)

I’m not feeling energetic enough to paint the whole room, but I think I can handle one wall (the one one the left). I picked out a nice light blue and am working on either a stencil or contact paper sticker project — if it works out, I’ll post a little DIY tutorial because it’s a great cheap alternative to those wall stickers that everyone likes so much. The blue will hopefully make the white Gulliver crib we plan to purchase stand out nicely. :)

Baby's room (before)

These are my two somewhat overpriced Goodwill finds. The dresser is huge, very sturdy, and has a practical melamine top. I had been planning to get a Malm, but this had about twice the storage for half the price. Unfortunately, it also had kind of a hard life…the last owner did a crummy job painting it with cream-colored flat paint (when sanding, I also discovered traces of ochre and forest green…hopefully not at the same time!).  I spent the last two days hand-sanding, priming, and giving it two coats of bright white semigloss and it looks a lot better. This is not the time in my life to completely strip and sand furniture so it’s still a little wonky looking, but at least it’s clean+ glossy — flat paint is impossible to wipe down.

The velour chair was a bit of an impulse buy since these chairs are not very common around here (this was the first one I’ve found in a thrift store). I don’t like the look of gliders and can’t afford the rocking chair of my dreams, so this seemed like a comfortable compromise. Unfortunately, however, it’s a little dirtier than I noticed in the store. I am contemplating slip-covers or a more, uh, radical project that I will definitely share if it turns out.

Baby's room (before)

This is more of the wall I plan to paint and the unfinished art project that will eventually hang over the dresser. It’s based on a big drawing that husband has been making on the whiteboard in his classroom ever since we saw the baby on the ultrasound. I started in acrylic, but I think I’m going to make it into a collage…another in-the-works project. The closet is currently stuffed, but we want to get an Expedit shelf to hold books and toys. [Hmm, that shelf is a little more expensive than I had remembered. Sigh. I know that we’ll be able to fill it up, though, and you can get these great square bins that fit in the shelves to hold blocks and train tracks and stuff like that.]

In other news, I just ordered a new computer this morning (thank you, mom and dad!) so hopefully I will soon become a) a better blogger and b) a better teacher. Not having one’s own computer leads to skimping on lectures, I have discovered. But now I have no more excuses.

Thank you all for your kind words about the move — I look forward to sharing a (more) finished baby’s room with you at the end of the week!


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