Well, we’re finally completely moved into Pensacola apartment #2. We had the check-out inspection on the old place today — it just doesn’t seem final to me until you’ve handed in your keys and don’t have to think about cleaning cabinets, ovens, or floors anymore. Both husband and I agree that vigorous scrubbing is more exhausting than moving boxes or furniture, so I’m pretty happy that that’s over (for now).

The move itself took place primarily on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, during which time the weather grew steadily worse after a week of sunshine. On Saturday morning we were met with an unpleasant combination of torrential rains, flash flood warnings, and a tornado watch. And the person who was lending us his (uncovered) trailer didn’t even come into town. Fortunately, we were bailed out by a good friend with a minivan and things cleared up enough in the afternoon that we could use the trailer after all. Success!

In case anyone is interested, we tried a new strategy this time: we avoided using any moving boxes and instead took things over in smallish carloads in a set of clear plastic storage bins which have since been repurposed to store my non-maternity clothes. If you have the time for this method, I really recommend it. I tried to keep on top of things by putting the contents of each bin away before we brought more, thereby avoided the tons-of-stuff-in-boxes-everywhere-don’t-know-where-to-start situation that I so dread. We ended up piling a bunch of things in the baby’s room anyway, but it was definitely a less stressful experience than when we moved into our first place (= seventeen boxes and no furniture). In the back of my mind the whole time was the thought that this is my last move with no children, so I had better enjoy the freedom to work for three hours at a time and not worry about small fingers getting into things while I can. :)

So far the new apartment is great. Really great. It certainly has it’s little quirks — a truly awkward living room  arrangement, closet doors that won’t slide, kitchen cabinets made for pans that are 6 inches wide, etc. — and I will admit that mom and I scrubbed a TON of cockroach poop out of the kitchen. But I haven’t seen any roaches yet, and everything else is definitely livable. More than livable: I just love this place. I wake up to sunshine coming in the windows, and none of the other problems seem to matter anymore.

Photos to come.


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