Congratulations, Dr. Timothy Marston.

This is a shout-out to my genius brother, who just (successfully) completed his Ph.D. thesis defense yesterday. He took on a ridiculously complicated subject — something about acoustics and microphones and lots of calculus — and pulled the whole thing off in very good time. Wow. I am well on the way to being the least-educated member of my immediate family with only a lowly B.A., which is nicely humbling.

(Oh, and did I mention that he’s artistic? And musical? And good-looking? And has a nice postdoc position? Too bad he already has a great girlfriend…)

The school where I teach started a new semester this week, which means that some most of my time has been taken up by teaching stuff. When the semester flipped over I got a new set of five classes, which means lots of new names to learn and projects to plan. I know that I will eventually get into the swing of things, but these first couple of days have been pretty tiring. In my somewhat scattered state I cleverly forgot to submit my grades this morning, but someone noticed and bailed me out.

Husband needs the computer now so I guess I’d better go. If I finish the sewing project and revive my scanner there might be nice photos soon — I also picked up some more cute dresses at the thrift store the other day, but only one is vintage. They were kind of overpriced, but now that I know that le bebe is a girl I don’t feel bad spending more than $1 per dress.


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