Southern-style thrifting.

I’ve said before that the thrifting here isn’t that great and that hasn’t changed. However, with enough persistance you can still luck out at our local Goodwill. I confess to buying a few baby items before I ever got pregnant, but as soon as I found out we were expecting I started looking in earnest. (No, we don’t know yet if we’re having a boy or a girl. But at 99 cents apiece, I decided to start a dress + romper stockpile that can be saved for future babies if they don’t work for this one.)

Little sailor suit.

This is one of the few boy-ish outfits I’ve found so far…is it just me, or is it much harder to find cute clothes for boys?


I think this little sailor suit is soooo cute, though, that I’d probably put it on a girl with white patent leather shoes.

Shirt with blue piping.

You can’t tell in the photo, but this shirt has adorable blue piping around the collar.

Handknit sweater.

I always always look for handknits — I figure that each sweater I find saves me 25 hours of knitting. I found another one today that’s also yellow but is worked differently around the collar and sleeves.

Cardigan with flowers.

This little vintage sweater has tiny pink roses on the front. (Lish, for some reason it reminds me of one of yours…did you have a grown-up version of this?)

Gingham + smocking.

This brand-new smocked dress came with a little sun hat and bloomers. All for 99 cents.

Baby Dior.

This Baby Dior outfit will go with all of the Daddy Dior shirts that husband has been collecting for $3 apiece.

The pink romper.

One of my favorite smocked pieces ever! I thought it was vintage, but then I discovered that this sort of style is still popular in the south — our local Dillards and children’s boutiques have little white smocked dresses and rompers for $30 and up.

I heart smocking.

This last romper is (I think) my very best find.

The yellow romper.

Check out the giraffes!

Embroidered giraffes.

I could put this on a boy or girl baby, right? Because I might not be able to put it in a box if we have a boy.

2 thoughts on “Southern-style thrifting.

  1. This is Sarah Pope’s Mom. You found some great things there. When you come to Houston, you should get Sarah to take you to some of the great resale shops here.

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