For my mum.

Not the most flattering, but…


…the belly, c. 16 weeks.


8 thoughts on “For my mum.

  1. I think its cute, Paula. But its still hard for me to tell. Hey, got out today and it was fabulous. Got to get groceries, Starbucks and Old Navy with the kids. Tonight I was thinking about your cute galoshes as I marched through the slush.

  2. You look great, Paula! Very glowy. I am probably due around the same time (mid-June) and I have to say I look WAY more pregnant than you do. I must stick out four inches more in the front…but this isn’t my first baby. :) It’s kind of ironic, because my first pregnancy I was so excited to look pregnant and it seems like it took way too long to start showing. Now it was hard to keep it a secret the whole first trimester and I’m horrified by how quickly maternity clothes are fitting. :)

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