Woman has new sewing machine…

…feels that she can accomplish anything.

This would be the headline for my day yesterday. After trying with mixed success to clean the apartment, work on lesson plans, etc., I gave in and spent the entire day sewing. Result: four new pillow covers, a gumdrop pillow, and a new curtain for the bedroom. Not bad, eh?

I can blame the sewing frenzy on my first project, a little pillow for Bean’s crate. She has been sleeping on a ratty old towel for some time so something soft and pretty was in order.

A pillow for the Beans.

The fabric came from a little quilt shop in Bellevue, WA, I think. And now that I’m looking at it, I vaguely remember that half of it technically belongs to my mum (sorry mom!). But isn’t it bright and pretty? And wouldn’t the leftovers make a cute little girl’s dress…?


Because my new machine has some embroidery stitches, it was absolutely essential to try one out and add a scalloped edge. I am sure that Sabina appreciates my attention to detail.

Nice and squishy.

At least I got the level of squishyness right.

So, fueled by the success of the dog pillow I moved on to one of my long-term goals: recover the dreadful brown-and-tan zebra print pillows that came with our sofa.

Sewing for the living room.

Side note: as I was scrutinizing our couch prior to embarking on this project, I noticed that the left side of the couch is distinctly closer to the floor than the right side. You can see it if you look at the photo hard enough. This is VERY displeasing, especially since the salesman who sold us the sofa gave a really long spiel about quality and took all the cushions off and jumped on the springs for emphasis. I am going to see about that warrantee.

Second side note: didn’t Josh give me a lovely red knitted blanket for Christmas?

New cushion covers #1.

The pleasantly dotted fabric came from Joann’s, of all places. I was surprised to find something I liked so much there. A few days after I bought the fabric some friends and I discovered a GIANT interior decorating fabric store not too far from here, but even after wandering around for a long time I didn’t find anything that would go in our living room as well as this stuff. (See what I mean about that awful zebra print?)

New cushion covers #2.

I bought the white fabric as option b so I could swap the covers from time to time but ended up using it on a set of down pillows I bought at Ikea a while back. Since these pillows aren’t washable I added a placket and two cute buttons on the back. In doing so, I discovered that button holes — which I have always dreaded and have been known to sew by hand — are a breeze on my new machine. Seriously. You don’t even have to measure the button, you just pop it in the back of the button hole foot, move a little lever, and presto — the machine sews one that’s just the right size! This was a very liberating discovery and opens up new realms of sewing for me as I have heretofore avoided most projects involving buttons (and zippers, but I have new hope that those will be easy as well).

New gumdrop pillow.

The most complicated project of the day, however, was my Amy Butler gumdrop pillow (and even this wasn’t that hard). I won it and a few other patterns on that Decor8 inspiration board contest way back when, and this was always the one I was most keen on.

Very dotty.

My vision was to make a sort of soft ottoman to rest pregnant feet on, but this is a tad too squishy for that. I might add another bag of stuffing, or I might use it with the super-sweet chair I just scored today since it’s lower to the ground.

Isn’t it just so cute, though? Even if I didn’t get all the lines just perfect? I feel like this pattern might be really useful to make pillows for the baby’s room in the future…kind of like a bean bag, but cooler.

Tummy rub time.

Of course, all of this sewing and photo-taking was interspersed with a lot of tummy-rubbing. Husband is out of town for a while so Sabina and I are having a lot of bonding time. I think that when it’s just the two of us, she has a little memory lapse to the good ol’ days when we were sharing an adorable little apartment in Providence, RI. I do miss that place — the house was built in the 1920s and had nice molding and newly-refinished floors. Anyhow, back in the day I had no one but a dog when I came home so she got lots and lots of lovin’. She has since learned to settle for less, but I think she’s secretly pleased when she’s my “only child” again.

Not for long, little Bean.


5 thoughts on “Woman has new sewing machine…

  1. I don’t know if it’s a pregnant lady thing, but I’ve been making new pillows too :) Hah! It’s so fun and instantly gratifying. Nice work.

  2. Kristen,
    I checked again this morning because I keep forgetting…it’s a Brother CS600i (or something like that).

    I saw your pillows and I love them! My AB fabric has been going toward lots of little projects instead of one big one…some of the stuffed animals I made a few months back came from that stash. I am also planning to turn the green dotted fabric into a little dress. :)

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