One day at a time.

This is my mantra right now. When necessary, it is shortened to “one hour at a time” or “one minute at a time.”

As you might guess, there is very little crafting activity going on right now. And very little housecleaning, for that matter. There is, however, lots and lots of frenzied thinking about food — of both the “what can I possibly eat right now?” and “why on earth did I eat that?” variety. I really appreciate all of the suggestions you gave me regarding things to eat, but I’m having a small problem in that something rarely tastes good for more than one or two days in a row. Lemonade was delicious for a few days last week, but now I have no interest in it. Ditto french fries, salad, cranberry juice, and biscuits. I am giving ginger ale another try, but it completely lost its appeal for quite a while.

In short, I am running out of things to eat. And this creates a problem when I know that I will probaby feel a little better if I eat something. On the plus side, I have finally started throwing up. It may sound strange, but this is a rather big relief: I know that it doesn’t make you feel a whole lot better, but it is infinitely more satisfying than gagging over and over again, which has been the story of my life for the last few weeks.

I’m sorry to have nothing to post about besides pregnancy, but this has been the biggest subject of my thoughts lately. I am proud to day that I haven’t missed a day of school yet. If I can manage to get to school (the hardest part), I usually find that teaching consumes so much of my attention that I don’t have a lot to spare to think about how I am feeling. On the down side, I still feel crummy enough that I don’t think that I am the best teacher right now. But, a teacher giving 75% still accomplishes more than a substitute, right? (Or so I keep telling myself…)

Husband has been very supportive in all this and hasn’t minded at all that I have taken up semi-permanent residence on the couch. He encouraged me last night with two things that I thought I would pass along. First, pregnancy-suffering is real suffering that can be offered up to the Lord. For every hour that I feel nauseated, I can ask God to take it and transform it into something else: my healthy baby. Second, I am discovering for myself how women will be saved through childbearing. I’ve been to churches where this was kind of controversial, but I take great hope in the idea that, as I don’t use it as an excuse for self-pity or complaining, the current unpleasantness is working to sanctify me from the inside out.

Finally, no matter how I may feel that this is never going to end, I am so grateful that there is a distant finish line in sight. My mother has warned me that, on her side of the family, the second trimester tends to be no better than the first. But even if this is the case, there is no way that I am going to be morning sick after the baby is born. Right??


13 thoughts on “One day at a time.

  1. Wow – I could have written that post when I was first pregnant with Hazel. I felt exactly the same way all day long – but it was a comfort to know that my being sick was directly related to God growing a tiny little baby! It’s absolutely amazing and I’m so excited for you guys. Having a baby was indescribably wonderful – I hope the same for you!

  2. Ahh…the joys of being pregnant. one of my favorite piece of advice was that nothing really helps, so eat smarties, because when you throw it up at least it is comes up pretty.

    anyway, with my last pregnancy sunflower seeds worked pretty well, gave my mouth something to do and they were salty.

    hope it only lasts the first trimester.

  3. Aw. There are things I can’t eat to this day that I ate when I was first pregnant and will never be able to taste them again without thinking of exactly how awful I felt after eating them.

    Ginger snaps? Peanut Butter filled Pretzels? Baked Potatoes? Those were some good standbys for me.

    Oh, and Pizza Hut’s thin-crust pizza. Minus the vicious heartburn that inevitably would follow, that is.

  4. Ditto what Erin said. Having learned from my experience with Ophelia, I choose to not eat foods I particularly loved during my pregnancy with Mira, knowing that I’d grow to hate them. It also works for scents, so my still half full 3 year old bottle of Burberry Brit implores you not to wear your favorite perfume while pregnant.

    Some friends of mine resorted to eating small frozen foods (like corn) while they were still frozen to avoid having to taste anything. It worked for them. I ate dried fruit and nuts with Ophelia and that helped me.

    And I found what Bec said to be true, too. If I knew I just going to throw up what I hadn’t eaten yet, I choose cold hard candy. That way, when they came back up, it was sickeningly body temperature warm and they didn’t leave an awful taste in my mouth. I avoided dairy products and casserole-like dishes (pizza or lasagna). Also, steak is bad because it takes so long to digest, it makes for a prolonged period of possible regurgitation…I learned that one that hard way.

  5. Boy, the ginger stuff just isn’t doing it for me right now. I know it’s supposed to make you feel better, but I can’t stand the taste anymore! Erin, I think I’ll give baked potatoes a shot…things that are plain and carb-y have been going down pretty well.

    Abra, I am impressed that you could wear perfume at all — I have a whole collection on my dresser that has been untouched for weeks. It just smells so STRONG, even if the smell isn’t bad.

    On a separate (but related) note, did any of you ladies find that your husband took on an, um, unpleasant odor while you were pregnant? Josh always smelled fine before, but now I am finding that I have a really hard time being near him. As you can imagine, this is kind of awkward and I really wish I could turn my nose off. I think one other person told me this about her pregnancy, so I don’t think I’m completely bonkers…any suggestions?

  6. Andrew smells awful when I’m pregnant! His deodorant is too strong, his breath stinks, you name it! It’s so funny! (And because that sounds so horrible, I’ll reiterate that it’s only when I’m pregnant that this happens!) My only suggestion there is having them take a shot of bourbon or something along those lines. That makes his breath smell almost good and I can handle being kissed by him then. ;) Mouth wash is even too strong, but the bourbon works (and I’m not a bourbon kinda girl usually)! Yeah, you’re not alone. The whole ‘stinky husband’ phenomenon was not one that I expected when I was first pregnant with Bella!

  7. Hi Paula!
    I just found your blog via Liz’s blog and I feel like somewhat of a kindred spirit with our pregnancies so close together. I found myself nodding in agreement with all of the food issues you’ve been having. I also braved two pregnancies while teaching and you’ll find that your students tune into the little idiosyncracies that you develop while growing a baby. I couldn’t believe how compassionate and patient my students were with me while I was sluggish, hungry, emotional, disorganized. It was all in all a great experience. Just be sure you have one of those rolling office chairs. It really comes in handy towards the end. When I got too large and uncomfortable to waddle around the room I just rolled and it was quite helpful. i’m looking forward to reading more and I’ll pray that your nausea starts to subside soon.

    Blessings. Sarah

  8. The whole smelly hubby thing is really normal during pregnancy. The way Ben’s skin smells is normally one of my favorite things about him (sorry if that’s too much information), but when I’m pregnant, I have to sleep facing away from him because it makes me so sick! With Ophelia I made him shower right before we went to bed and lotion up with a lotion I thought smelled good. Then brushing teeth and using mouthwash was a must!

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