Funny Bunny and the Polka Dot Puppy.

So my comments about “evening sickness” seem to have been unfounded…it’s now more like all-day sickness. I am calling all nausea remedies, ladies: so far I’ve heard about motion sickness bracelets, ginger pills, eating a piece of toast at 3 am so you don’t wake up with an empty stomach, and basically just trying to nibble on something all the time. I came thisclose to throwing up at church yesterday, which would have been the first time in four years (my body really really hates to throw up), which lets me know that Baby is really working some magic.


Fortunately, I only need to pull it together a couple days a week in order to teach and can spend a lot of quality time with the couch. This quality time has led to a bit of handsewing, since I don’t currently own a sewing machine and I really kinda like using a needle and thread anyway. And since my mind has been full of Baby, well…I thought I’d go ahead and get started on some little softies for the nursery.

Funny Bunny and the Polka Dot Puppy.

These are the first two members of what I hope will be a growing menagerie. I didn’t have a pattern for either of them, so I just started cutting fabric.

See Spot try to stand up.

Polka Dot Puppy is a little less successful than the bunny, as I had some trouble with the legs. I re-stuffed him after I took these photos so he can stand up on his own.

A look of surprise.

Funny Bunny is also prone to tipping over, but I think that this flaw is counteracted by his lovely long ears (which are very nice for pulling).


My stitches were pretty small, so I’m hoping that the softies will be able to handle some chewing and tugging.

Soft and squishable.

And, of course, squeezing. But we all know that it’s not just kids who like to squeeze toys.

Little buddies.

Next up: a special little pig with a curly tail.

(And a whole lot of ginger ale.)


12 thoughts on “Funny Bunny and the Polka Dot Puppy.

  1. hmmmm… I did suffer considerably with my first pregnancy…. I found peppermints and eating randomly ( middle of the nightish) were quite helpful— it is so hard to be so excited and so nauseated !! I am not a huge believer in taking meds, especially when preggo, but did resort to taking phenergan to survive days at work. hmmm this seems discouraging…. on a good note– no sickness at all with #2~!!!!

  2. Those are adorable! Very chewable. I love the pattern on Bunny’s tummy.
    The smell of fresh lemons, whether newly cut (*sniff*…ahh!) or sliced into drinking water worked wonders for me. My midwife recommended it. For me, nothing was nicer while teaching than a nalgene full of cold, lemony water.

  3. fortunately, i never really got that sick. and usually i could cure what ailed me by eating. what fun. except for those stinkin’ prenatal vitamins. they always got to me, unless i traced them with a cow or something. finally i found “nature’s plus ultra prenatal” and we’re great friends. i wouldn’t recommend rainbow light, but i imagine everyone is different. and i like the lemon water idea, even if you’re not pregnant.

    can’t wait to see the nursery. *m

  4. First of all, congratulations!

    I kept packs of peppermint gum all around in the house, in my pocket, purse, glove compartment, etc. for nausea emergencies. The days also seemed better when I was down on sugar and high on protein. (This was often hard, though, depending on my current aversions.) There is so much variety in mothers’ symptoms and remedies. I just hope you are already finding out what is helpful for you!

  5. Well, my morning/noon/night sickness was actually a condition called hyperemesis, so none of the natural remedies worked for me. But I have heard good things about taking red raspberry leaf capsules, sucking on limes or lemon wedges, ginger tea, staying well rested and well fed, not moving in the morning until there’s something in your stomach, drinking flat, room-temperature coke, taking a unisom sleep tablet with a vitamin b12 before bed, keeping your from being empty and the little mints they sell at Motherhood Maternity (Preggo Pops or something like that). With my last bout of pregnancy, we tried the unisom and b12, then phenergan (which worked with Ophelia, but not with Mira), Reglan, Compazine, and then settled on Zofran. The Zofran worked great, except that I kept building up a tolerance and went from 8mg a day to 32mg a day…but then I had Mira and I am sick no more. Hopefully, one of those remedies will work for you and you won’t be sick too long. The positive side of being sick is that you know the little one is alive and well! Best of luck!!

  6. Ah, morning sickness is the pits. Now you know your body is expertly growing a baby! ;) With both of mine I always found it a *little* comforting to be nauseous.

    Anyway, here’s my morning sickness “protocol”, haha. I’m sure you’ve heard it all by now, but this is what really helped me. Hope you’re feeling better soon!!

    1. Morning (noon, and night) sickness is often times closely related to a very high demand for protein in your body (at least for me it was). The challenge is really just finding good protein sources that don’t make you want to hurl. I felt best if I ate a handful of almonds AS SOON as I woke up in the morning, and then just nibbled on almonds until I could stomach some other super-high-protein food (usually eggs, but yogurt is also good). Almonds are equally bland as saltines, but full of protein.

    2. Mid-day queasies could usually be helped with more protein. I bought a probably-not-so-good-for-you protein powder and made protein shakes.

    3. Never, ever, ever, ever take a prenatal vitamin on an empty stomach. Whew. I won’t make that mistake again.

    4. Red raspberry leaf tea (also marketed as “Healthy Pregnancy Tea”) is great for you when you’re pregnant, and it’s also great for nausea. I don’t really like how it tastes, but loved it iced and then mixed 50/50 with lemonade.

    5. Don’t go hungry, especially if you feel nauseous!

    Blessings to you and your little one!

  7. I chewed a lot of cinnamon trident gum and became what verged on violent when anyone tried to take one of the cinnamon pieces from the variety pack. It’s a bummer because they don’t sell the 6-pack with just cinnamon, and that’s the only flavor that helped. I also like the natural ginger ale, extra ginger variety from co-op. Reed’s maybe? It has something like 30 grams of fresh ginger in every bottle — zowie! But really the cinnamon trident was my constant companion for those awful weeks.

  8. Oh my, thank you ever so much, ladies (and gentleman). I took the almond suggestion right away to mixed success: I reckon that I have about a week before I can’t stand the taste of them anymore (I have already worked my way out of several kinds of soup and crackers).

    Protein, you say? I’m sure that it’s right thing to eat but we have vegetarian tendencies and haven’t had meat in our fridge yet. I might splurge on some co-op sausage, though, since it wouldn’t have to be cut up — yuck!! — and my body does seem to like the smell. Which is weird, since a lot of other smells make me gag.

    Lemons and peppermint gum, here I come.

    P.S. Abra, your morning sickness blog posts terrified me…I am so glad to know it’s not “normal” and that Mira is here now!

  9. Sorry to alarm you. I should have mentioned that I’m just one of the lucky 2% who get hyperemesis. And even so, I still plan on having more of my own (it is completely worth it after they are born)…I’d just like to wait awhile.

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