I think I previously mentioned Pensacola’s “Gallery Night,” which took place a couple of weeks ago. Through a fortunate sequence of events, I ended up with a spot at a local children’s boutique called Ty & KC. The store has a lovely back hallway and the owner let me line the walls with framed prints and a few new pastel originals.

Gallery Night setup.

I was really happy with the way things turned out (although my work looked so small when it was hung on those tall walls!) and I got great feedback from the steady stream of new friends who came by. I’m sorry that I don’t have better pics…I forgot my camera that night and got mostly fuzzy photos the next day. You can kind of see my Day at the Beach prints on the left — they looked great in a set of barnwood frames I found at Michael’s (hint, hint). I also had my Ren Fair painting custom framed in a gold-and-sage frame and cream mat. Expensive, but very nice looking.

New work on the wall.

Now for some close-ups:





Pink rose.


All the drawings are from my own stash of flower photos and, since they didn’t sell at Gallery Night, are available framed or unframed if you’re interested.

I was really glad that I finished these in time for Gallery Night as I have lost a lot of my art momentum since then: it seems that pregnancy nausea has decided to make an appearance after all. Part of me is wondering how I’m going to teach through a couple of months of this, while part of me is thrilled since nausea means a lower risk of miscarriage (which terrifies me out whenever I start to think about it). Sooo, I think that this might be my last new work for a while and I’m going to focus on internal creativity rather than external. Sounds like a plan, eh?


6 thoughts on “Flowery.

  1. Paula, your flower series is gorgeous! I love each one! I’m also thrilled that you’re feeling nauseated…I feel like a sadist telling you that, but it means that all the right hormones are kicked in. Maybe you could do some conceptual art–teehee. Mom

  2. Paula-
    congrats! I kept seeing “jupiter buttons” on other people’s blogrolls and finally followed it not knowing it was you! That was a funny surprise. Anyways, “morning sick” is a misnomer as it is allowed at all hours. Good luck to you!

  3. p.s. – I have to recommend my favorite pregnancy book “The Pregnancy Book” by Dr. Sears. It is nice and thick, making for good reads in the bath when you feel pukey at night!

  4. Hey Paula!
    Congrats from the Wilkins (at least Bray and Kajsa) that is super exciting! And yes…the only kind of ‘sickness’ I had was in the evening! I love seeing pictures of your art…perhaps when we are rich and famous someday, we will have a few originals of yours on our walls.:) Hope you are enjoying Florida!

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