The biggest news of all.

But first, the smaller news.

The first four or so weeks of teaching have gone pretty well. I am on my own now (well, except for one class) and it’s getting a bit easier every day. I still feel like a moron a lot, but every once in a while I seem to hit it right when it comes to matching the age of the children to the difficulty of the project. This seems to be the most difficult thing for me right now: I will have a great project idea that goes along swimmingly until I discover that 3rd graders have pretty poor scissor skills and their papercuts may not be at all recognizable. Even though we’ve spent two weeks working on the sketches. Sigh.

I don’t have funny little stories yet, which is probably because most of the amusing things that happen are visual rather than verbal. I just love it when a little girl’s eyes light up after I tell her that her drawing is lovely (which it is) or when I see a student make a really creative puppet from paper scraps. I love it less when I have to stop him from distracting the rest of the class with it, however. Classroom discipline is tough. I have definitely lost the she-who-must-be-obeyed new teacher aura and I can feel them testing me in every class to see just how much giggling and whispering and note-passing they can get away with. It almost broke my heart, but on Thursday I pulled a few kids out before they could complete their in-class paintings because they ignored some very clear verbal instructions. I wanted so much to forgive them and send them back to their desks, but I knew that if I did they wouldn’t take me seriously in the future. I am very much hoping that the offending behavior will be curtailed next Tuesday, but of course I hope that before every class period.

In other news, I have officially shut down and for the time being. I kept meaning to reopen them, but what with the crash of our Mac (which has yet to be revived) and the general busy-ness of our lives I think it will be best to focus on the here & now of life in Pensacola. I have infrequent internet access, no way to edit pictures, and no desire to stand in line at the Post Office a few times a week, so this makes the most sense even if it also makes me sad. However, I do have a pretty good sized stash of prints left over, so if you are interested in Alphabirdybet letters, beach prints, gocco, or anything else let me know and I can set up a special listing for you. (It’s different for friends and blog-friends, you know.)

Okay, now for that big news.

Some of you know that husband and I have been trying to conceive for many months now, and those of you who read his blog have already seen the most recent update.

I am pregnant.

And we are soooooooooooooooooooo excited and happy.

We found out last Sunday, and I still have pinch myself every day to make sure I’m not in a dream. (For some reason, I used to have lots and lots of dreams about having babies and it was always rather heartbreaking to wake up in the morning.) I think that I am due somewhere in the middle of June, which is conveniently after the end of the school year. The principle told me that he should have warned us about the school’s high fertility rate: evidently, pregnant teachers are pretty common. But, I am going to try my best to finish out the whole year and give my students a front-row seat of my soon-to-be-expanding tummy. The students, for their part, seem to be gratifyingly excited already — a group of girls in Josh’s class gave me hugs in the hallway last Monday, and I can’t tell you how nice that was.

Everyone keeps asking, so I’ll just tell you now that I don’t feel very sick yet. I’ve been battling an unpleasant cold, but other than that I’ve only had a bit of nausea in the evenings. Is there such a thing as Evening Sickness? I also had a complete tearful meltdown yesterday that I would like to blame on pregnancy.

Other than that, life hasn’t been changed too much by the little guest who had taken up residence in my body. I really look forward to seeing him/her grow — I have always envied other friends’ pregnant bellies, even if they say that they feel fat. I can’t wait to buy maternity shirts and watch our dog try to squeeze onto the six inches of lap that are left over at the end of nine months. Not to mention sewing little quilts and bibs and dresses for MY baby, not someone else’s. And then there’s that whole decorating-the-nursery thing.

So that’s what’s up with us right now: a miracle. Thank you for being happy with and for us as we plunge ahead into a new stage of our lives.


16 thoughts on “The biggest news of all.

  1. Congratulations Paula! What exciting news for you and your family.
    I am pregnant with my second child, and it looks like I’ll be due around the end of May! :)

  2. Paula, I doubt you even know me, but I believe at some point we lived simultaneously in Moscow. Anyway, I love your stuff and am so excited for your news! Have fun with all those fun baby prep things!

  3. Paula,
    So excited for you! When I was first pregnant with Ambrose, I carried the positive test in my pocket/purse for days (read: weeks) after we found out because it didn’t feel real unless I was staring at that line. :)
    Pat your belly, and think protein, protein, protein! Be well.

  4. Many, many congratulations, Paula, that is terrific news! So glad to hear about your new job, and the best news of all, that you’re expecting your first child!

    Sorry to hear you have shut down your etsy stores, but I totally understand it. It’s time for you to focus on other things now, and you can always go back when it feels right. I’m one of those that would like a listing of what you still have available, so whenever you have a chance just shoot me an email.

    Again, big congratulation to you and your husband, with my very best wishes! :-)

  5. Paula –
    Congrats on the big news!! I’m sorry to see that your etsy sites will be closing and I was wondering if there’s any way I can purchase your 4 prints in your Day at the Beach Collection. I promised it to my mom for her bday. If you don’t have extras of those, I understand!! Thanks tons,
    Kathryn (Garfield) Church

  6. oooo! huzzah huzzah. do you know what this means? baby names. and even though there seems to be this propensity of people naming their own children, i thought i would share my all time favorite girl name anyways. just in case. clementine, yes, as in “oh my darlin’.” that and what do you think of sid and adolfo? okay okay. save some beach prints for me. congratulations. *m

  7. That’s wonderful, Paula! Congratulations, and praise the Lord! I’ll be praying for a healthy and “comfortable” pregnancy for you.
    Lots of love,

  8. My face is beaming! I love pregnancy news, especially when people have been “trying” for a while. :) Praise God! My prayers are with you over the next few months, especially if the sickies do hit you (usually after week 6). Let me know if you need any suggestions as I’ve been through two all-day sickness pregnancies and I’ve tried MANY remedies (and some do help)!

    I’m also looking forward to seeing your nursery ideas. As of yet, I still have to finish decorating both children’s rooms (they’re started, but not anywhere near finished).

  9. Paula-

    A very late congratulations from me! I’m so happy about it.

    I had “evening sickness” too. It’s not fair, because you never hear about evening sickness, and I just thought, “Well, it will go away in the afternoon I guess.” No such luck. Try to have fun in spite of all the queasiness! I bet you will.

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