Paulabirdy gets a job.

(And her computer crashes.)

So, the nice relaxed schedule that I had developed for myself — long walks with the Beans, coffee at Barnes & Noble, lots of painting — was shot to pieces two weeks ago when I was asked if I would teach art at the school where husband works. I spent some mulling the idea over and, with great fear and trembling, said yes.

I am [gulp] a teacher now.

So I hope you will forgive me for not blogging when I tell you that I have been undergoing a rather overwhelming crash course in art curriculum and teaching methods for kingergarten through 10th grade. This process would be even MORE overwhelming if not for the fact that the art director has spent hours showing me the ropes (oh, and she spent the first week and a half teaching while I observed and assisted so that the whole thing wouldn’t get dumped in my lap all at once). And since she also happens one of the nicest people in existence, this has been a truly fabulous experience. She is sticking around for one more week, but after that, I will be flying solo in the classroom. I can handle 16 first graders all by myself, right?

To make matters even better, our home computer suddenly decided to crash while I was in the middle of my impromptu teacher training. I am going to try to jumpstart it with an infusion of OS 10.3, but I am prepared in my heart for No More Mac (which also, unfortunately, means No More Photoshop). But I can get by without it, right?

Husband and I finally got our digital converted box coupon, so after buying the converter (which required an Office Depot employee to spend 20 minutes trying to find her store’s merchant ID) and then buying an antenna (because we didn’t realize we needed one of those too), we are watching regular ol’ tv in our living room for the first time in our married life. Only to find that there is nothing good on, of course. But we are going to stick it out until SNL, because we and the rest of our demographic want to see Tina Fey do Sarah Palin and say “maverick” with a little wink. Won’t you join us?

Ah, life in Pensacola: busy, but very very good.


7 thoughts on “Paulabirdy gets a job.

  1. Hello Mrs. Gibbs…hope you are enjoying the classroom now that you been in it a few weeks…Abby loves art with you and Sam really didn’t want to wash off his green train from last weeks fall festival…I’d say you’re doing just smashing :-)
    The Hadding Home

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