Film, part 1.

Before we left the northwest, husband and I made one last trip to see his parents and my grandfather. After we had driven down the highway for a while, it occurred to me that I had forgotten my camera. Whoops.

In light of the nature of the trip, I decided that photodocumentation was absolutely necessary and picked up a disposable Fuji point ‘n’ shoot camera (a la 8th grade, before your parents decided you were responsible enough to own a real camera). Because you can’t really control the focus on the thing, the results are a bit unpredictable and — I think — kind of charming in their own way. I’ve got to get me a Holga one of these days, but in the meantime I present my first film photos in A Very Long Time.

Fuji photos 1.

Husband, just after he (somewhat inexplicably) decided to shave his head.

Fuji photos 2.

Brian, my father-in-law.

Fuji photos 3.

Connie, my mother-in-law. (Husband and I decided that they look very much alike here, no?)

Fuji photos 4.

Pip, husband, and grandpa, who is proudly showing off his new set of wheels. [Incidentally, the dog was later run over by this very machine but seems to have survived the incident just fine. Have I ever mentioned that she likes to chase cars? And run right by the wheel?]

Fuji photos 5.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the road is quite steep and the Kubota handles it just fine. (The passengers, on the other hand, are all having visions of roll-overs and praying very hard…)

Fuji photos 6.

The joys of the cheap camera: wife = fuzzy, random couple = crystal clear.

Fuji photos 7.

This phenomenon is called a “glory.”

Fuji photos 8.

Back at home again, these photos are from our last family barbecue at Kamiak Butte. (That’s byoot, for all you non-northwesters.)

Fuji photos 9.

Jacob and husband.

Fuji photos 10.

Marian attempts to keep Alice busy with a stuffed animal.

Fuji photos 11.

Throw it again! And again! And again!

Fuji photos 12.

Dad and little mum.

Fuji photos 13.

Er, I kind of miss this view right now.

Fuji photos 14.

Note the extreme dustiness of our dog, who had to have a bath afterward.

Fuji photos 15.

Twilight in the woods.

Fuji photos 16.


3 thoughts on “Film, part 1.

  1. My word, I can’t believe what good photos you took off that little camera–I’m so grateful that you took them in the first place! Thanks, honey. Love, Mom

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