Livin’ la vida Florida.

Lest you get the wrong impression, let me first explain that we do much, much more than go to the beach all the time. It just so happens that the beach is more interesting and photo-worthy than the rest of our lives. We had a really wonderful day on the water yesterday courtesy of the fabulous Barnes family, and the photo evidence follows.

(I put the captions in Flickr this time, so click on the photo if you want more info.)

Popes and Barneses.

Henry Pope.

Putting on life jackets.


Teachers and student.

Pretending that it's his.

The view from our lunch table.

After lunch at Lulu's.

Gibbses (Gibbesi?).


Husband was coaxed into the water.

And he had so much fun!

Baby Jane.


Henry and Bryce.

The family that tubes together...

Henry is thrilled; Miles, not so much.

Jon Paul gets up!

But gravity wins in the end.


9 thoughts on “Livin’ la vida Florida.

  1. Wow! white sand, dolphins, tubing, and x-mas lights around palm trees. Seems like a nice place.

    Is that “bling” on Josh’s ear, or just residual sun screen? I hope the later.

  2. Aha, I knew I should have done more photoshoperizing. The suspicious bit of white on Josh’s ear is, indeed, sunscreen.

    (For the record, Burt’s Bees Chemical-Free Sunscreen goes on very white and is a good way of canceling whatever tan you may think you possess.)

    Jacob, you haven’t even seen the REAL beach yet. I am already scoping out beach rentals for Marston/Laughery family Christmas c. 2009. I also got a lead on a beach condo that may come free of charge, so if you all want to avoid the snow — and spend less money than you would in Hawaii == you should come here one year. :)

  3. Actually, I have seen most of Florida’s coast line, but that was in 1988 (I think..could have been 1992). Wouldn’t mind seeing it again though.

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