Such a perfect day.

After going back and forth a little bit regarding my new home, the balance was decisively tipped yesterday in favor of Pensacola. I like it here.

Reasons included:

  • Driving 20 minutes and arriving in places that we have never been before.
  • Discovering Navarre (= perfect little beachy community of condos and pastel rental houses on stilts).
  • Discovering Navarre beach (= white sand, little dunes, and blue/green waves).
  • Looking out my window and seeing a pod of dolphins splashing around. DOLPHINS, people. In the wild.
  • Watching them for 15 minutes.
  • Fantasizing about renting a house on the beach for Christmas one year and inviting the whole family.
  • Watching Brideshead Revisited at a newly-discovered cinema in Gulf Breeze that shows art films and cheap 2nd run movies.
  • Deciding that we wanted to try fish tacos and finding the perfect Baja restaurant on the boardwalk at Pensacola Beach.
  • Fish tacos = delicious.
  • Beach sunsets = gorgeous.
  • Walking out on the dock after dark and being blown by the warm wind.
  • Hanging out with friends who don’t mind that we show up at 9:30 pm because we turned the cell phone  off and forgot to check messages.

After moping a bit about the fabulous Pacific Northwest, it was good to be reminded that Florida is pretty special, too.


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