Belated highlights.

It seems very odd that we drove into Pensacola a week ago today (in the pouring rain, I  should add — we could barely see the “Welcome to the Sunshine State!” sign). Without the regularity of going to work every day, time has been moving in strange fits and starts. But we just got internet access today and a substantial amount of unpacking is complete, so I am working to establish a new state of normalcy.

Unspectacular pics of the new, practically furniture-less apartment will be coming soon for the family members who have hinted very strongly that they would like to see them. I still haven’t developed my film yet…must find a new photo shop that does good black & white work.

In the meantime, I  present some belated trip highlights from a list that husband and I put together as we drove through the last bits of Louisiana and Alabama en route to our new home. In case you ever decide to drive across the country, at least you’ll know some of what to expect…

In no particular order:

  • total miles travelled: 3672
  • lowest temperature: 58 deg F (northern Oregon)
  • highest temperature: 109 deg F (western Arizona)
  • top speed limit: 80 mph (western Texas)
  • top speed: 94 mph (western Texas)
  • number of speeding tickets: 0
  • number of flat tires: 0
  • most states visited in one day: 4 (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida)
  • worst traffic: Los Angeles
  • best traffic: parts of Texas
  • most expensive gas: $4.69/gallon (California)
  • cheapest gas: $3.51/gallon (Mississippi)
  • grossest gas station restroom: Kent, TX
  • most Americana moment: listening to “Sweet Home Alabama” on the speakers at  a gas station in Cheneyville, LA
  • most expensive car sighted: Aston Martin (Coto de Caza, CA)
  • most eco-conscious: Menlo Park, CA
  • least eco-conscious: The South
  • most interesting/amusing place names: Weed, CA; Crumpton, CA; Truth or Consequences, NM
  • tourist attraction which we most wanted to visit  but couldn’t: UFO Museum, Roswell, NM
  • weirdest natural occurrence: hundreds of dead beetles on the  ground near our hotel in Willcox,  TX
  • most interesting plants: Saguaro cactus and yucca
  • most interesting man-made landscape: wind farm outside Palm Springs, CA
  • most interesting building: Getty Museum (Los Angeles)
  • longest bridge: Atchafalaya swamp causeway (Louisiana)
  • biggest river: Mississippi
  • closest we got to a foreign country: about 1/4 mile (El Paso, TX)
  • best food: blackened catfish at The Blind Tiger (Shreveport, LA)
  • best present: mp3 player full of This American Life from  Uncle Ted
  • most driving: Joshua
  • most dj’ing: Paula
  • most patient dog ever: Sabina

2 thoughts on “Belated highlights.

  1. (The following section is to be read in your best “Ira Glass” imitation, and is my lame attempt of humor after you listened to about 20 hours of TAL:)

    “You know the interesting thing about leaving home with your significant other is just that idea, you know, of leaving. Leaving everything that you once knew was home, to find a new home that is somehow “not” your home. After all, what is a home, except that place that you make a home.

    Every week on This American Life, we ask a series of individuals and artists to examine a theme, and write or tell short stories, fiction or other aspects of truth to examine that theme. This week we examine finding a new home, and the journey to that new home.

    Act One involves a young couple. Hardly established in their existence as a young couple as they wind their way from the little town of Moscow, Idaho to Southern Trip of USA to the town of Pensacola.

    This is their story about the places they wanted to see; the places they didn’t want to see; and the places they wished they hadn’t seen.

    (Cue Philip Glass music, and the voice of Paula…..)

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