Goodbye Pullman, it’s been nice.

It is my last day at work. I sent out a few good-bye emails this morning and have had a fairly steady stream of well-wishers all day to complement the pinging of new emails. This is a good way to leave. I like them (well, most of them), they like me, and they won’t discover all of the little pieces of paper I haven’t filed until long after I’m gone. Heh heh.

Lots of feelings right now, too many to write in the short space of time that I have. This blog will be silent for a while as we drive. We plan to go through Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and maybe a few more states for good measure. I have decided that my little Canon is just not up to the challenge, so I am bringing…da da dum…my old Nikon N65! I am using film again, baby. After sorting through countless photos and thinking that my analog days were over, I am going to do it anyway because it just looks better, at least when comparing it to a digital point ‘n’ shoot. I am really excited about this.









See you in a few weeks!

P.S. In case you were wondering about the hair…



8 thoughts on “Goodbye Pullman, it’s been nice.

  1. i miss you already! today i stuffed all of my junk for church in the bag you gave me. i felt so hip and young with it slung on my shoulder. thanks! i hope the trip is going great.

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