All the small things.

There are times when I don’t know how design bloggers do it. How do you stare at a litany of purchasable objects every day and not break your bank account? I was trying to put together another design board but ended up running across a lot of small things (plus a few good bargains) that I thought I’d pass along as-is in case you are looking to pep up your own place. They’re not all particularly gorgeous, but they might make your place a little more organized and can be surprising affordable!

For the kitchen:

Container Store double cabinet shelf (7.99-9.99)
No more stacking plates + bowls on top of each other…

Container Store polytherm undershelf baskets (5.99-7.99)
Same idea, but takes up even less room

Container Store Expand-A-Shelf (9.99-12.99)
Who likes jumping up and down to see if you have a can of beans in the back?

Ferm Living tea towels (14.00)
From the people that bring you gorgeous wallpaper (but much more affordable)

Tikoli tea towels (10.00)
So pretty, why not frame them? (Of course, tea towels for framing could be a whole post of its own…)

Bamboo instant storage boxes (24.95)
A bit expensive for what they are, but much nicer to look at than tons of magnets!

Sparrow S/P set (8.95)
Very Charley Harper-esque – why not display instead?

For the closet:

Container Store double closet rod (9.99)
Ridiculously cheap and doubles your hanging space – how have I not discovered these before??

Container Store solid shelf dividers (6.99 for 2)
Imagine nice little stacks of sweaters that don’t fall over…

Blue Stripe Crunch Can by Umbra (19.99)
Note the handles for carrying to the laundromat

For the living room:

The Conran Shop embossed white clock (26.00)
Mm, I think I’m going to get one these

Spine Book Tower (99.99)
Takes up very little floor space and much cheaper than the Sapien

For the patio:

Uforia white patio chairs (98.99 for 2)
How I wish they had a rocker at the bottom!


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