Furniture on the brain.

I have been spending a rather unbalanced amount of time lately thinking about furniture. You have to admit, beds + chairs + sofas are much more fun than packing and forwarding your mail, right? Unfortunately, however, I think this is bordering on obsession. I check the Pensacola craigslist several times a day. I scan the West Elm sale section frequently to make sure that the item(s) I want haven’t gone out of stock. I check CB2 to see if anything I want has magically been reduced by 75%. I dream about cavernous Salvation Armys and Goodwills full of Saarinen and Eames chairs.

Like I said, it’s kind of obsessive.

Remember that inspiration board I did a while back? I’m trying to take the general idea into Photoshop and use some of the gazillion photos that I have found while poking around the internet and saved to my desktop. I still like the old board quite a bit, and the grey, brown and ochre palette is still much to my taste. When approaching the new place, however, I knew that I had to pick a color scheme and stick with it from day one or I would end up with my usual mish-mash. And as I don’t happen to have a lot of grey, brown and ochre and I do have a really lovely blue, orange and gold lithograph, the latter won out. And I plan to stick with these colors, no matter how tempted I am by someone else’s room done entirely in creamy whites.

So, I thought I would take some of the ideas that have been spinning in my head and try to see how they look together. This is not to imply that I will (or can!) buy all of this stuff as I am hoping to mix a few inexpensive new pieces with some one-off stuff from the thrift store, which means that I won’t have a photo in advance since I won’t even know that I’m looking for it until I SEE it and realize that it’s absolutely perfect (at least, I hope it works out that way…). So those things aren’t included, just in case you decide to do the math and realize that there’s no way that our budget can accommodate all this stuff. But I think I manage to get a few new pieces of furniture, and if you have any opinions I would love to hear them. :)

Living room design board.

Given the parameters of our apartment (600 sq ft, 1 bedroom), it quickly became apparent that the office/computer stuff will need to go in the living room, along with our sofa, tv, books, tons of cds, floor lamp, etc. I have been eyeing the Expedit for a while, trying to figure out how to justify the shipping cost since the nearest Ikea is quite a ways away. But I like how it looks so much! And it’s white! And could hold all our books + cds!

The Marimekko tea towel is one that I bought a while back and plan to frame and put in the living room or kitchen. The colors seem to fit right in, eh?

The desk is the one that I look at frequently to make sure that it’s not sold out. Mmm, that orange. As long as West Elm still has them in a few weeks, I think that I am definitely going to get one of these since I have liked the design since I first saw it. Plus, it will look soooo good with my white Mac on top. The brown chair in the photo isn’t that hot, though…might try to find something Queen Anne style (for contrast) and paint it white.

Living room design board.

What to do for a sofa has been bothering me for quite a while and has led to some Craigslist discouragement. So many posts have titles like “white leather couch in good condition” or “nice suede sofa for sale” and then turn out to be a) incredibly lumpy, b) incredibly oversized, c) burgundy/forest green, d) involving wicker or rattan, or e) made by Ashley, Broyhill, or one of the other apparently popular furniture companies whose products I have come to dislike intensely. Ick. I think a new sofa is probably out of our reach, but these two options are on sale at West Elm and are on the verge of being affordable. I think the Heyward sofa is lovely and would serve as a very nice bed for visiting friends and relatives (hear that, Tim?). I don’t love the brown, but it will certainly look good longer than the white sofa of my dreams. The square metal sofa is meant to be outdoor, but the shape is so nice. They are out of orange cushions but have a very lovely bright blue.

The second most difficult thing to find seems to be some sort of cabinet/armoire to hold our tv, stereo, and record player. I would really love to have those tucked behind doors when guests (and small children) come to visit rather than on open shelves as they were in our last apartment. The Trollsta has a great shape but only comes in black (phooey) and the last thing I feel like doing when I get a brand new piece of furniture is painting it. We went to a friend’s house last night and saw her ingenious entertainment center that’s built into an old armoire (someone added shelves on the side where you hang clothes, and all her things fit perfectly). I think that if I found an old armoire that was cheap and not in the best condition, I would be willing to spend some time and money giving it a coat of nice, fresh white.

Any other ideas?


4 thoughts on “Furniture on the brain.

  1. There is an IKEA in Florida now, so shipping is a lot better because it’s now an in state rate. Otherwise, the nearest IKEA is in Atlanta. Which isn’t so bad….like 5 hours away. It’s a nice weekend get away AND you get to go to IKEA. :)

  2. you just made me spend an unbalanced amount of time on the internet as well. my old couch finally sold at consignment today, for more than i thought it would (hooray). and after reading your post i figured the time must be at hand, or at least getting closer, to set my eye to the prize. so i poked around a bit on the internet and at the last minute landed on a white, slip covered, pottery barn couch. how dull is that? but i have some neat old wood chairs i can paint/upholster to funk it up with. and some fun pillows thrown about too. and now i feel much better with all my machinations in order, so thanks for the reminder. and i hope all your evil plans work out as well. although i don’t know how you survive with your sensible, minimalist tastes. i know i keel towards garish. if this link works for you, you can tell me what you think.
    i especially love the picture of her bedroom. or maybe you and i are more alike in that we both like clean lines and order with nothing gathering dust. enjoy the move and the challenge. *m

  3. Kristen, wow — it looks great! If I wasn’t so fixated on leather, it would be exactly the kind of thing I am looking for (I have it in my head that it will attract less dog hair and be easier to clean…right?).

    Mavis, I dunno – I think that my current liking for orange borders on the garish, non? I like to try to keep the number of patterns down, but I’ve got nothing against color. And amen about the dust; I want to keep everying behind doors that I possibly can. Pretty please show your living room when it’s finished.

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