The last of the work posts (really).

Sorry about the lack of activity around here. I have had some flu symptoms + a dull headache for the last five days that escalated to migraine on Monday morning and didn’t truly go away until I woke up this morning. Seeing as I was ready to seek physician assistance (yuck), you can imagine how happy I was this morning when I awoke to a blissfully pain-free head. Ahhh.

Given that I just missed almost three days of work, I expected things to go very badly when I was called up to my boss’s office this morning. But when we discussed the plethora of projects that I need to complete before leaving, he was amazingly sympathetic and reasonable (don’t try to do that, you don’t have enough time). He asked for my opinion on a few things, and I gave it. We talked about the future of the program. And then when he asked if there was anything else, I gathered my courage and mentioned hesitantly that I had decided to stop working for WSU after leaving town. He asked why. I said that I wanted a fresh start. He asked what I was going to do. I said I’d try illustration for a while and then possibly look for another job. He said okay. And that was that.

I didn’t have to argue. I didn’t have to say that I didn’t want to work for him. I didn’t have to use any of the many phrases that I have been inventing for the past few weeks while brushing my teeth.

It’s over. After July 25, I will get to move away from this.

Thanks for listening.


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