Work (work work), work (work work).

Anybody remember this song from the Antshillvania record? (And did anybody else listen to this record incessantly as a child?)

I was going to apologize for writing yet another post about work when that’s probably not what you’re here to read, but then I realized that — hey! — work is a lot of what I’ve been thinking about lately and I’m going for a spot of honesty on the old blog. I mean, why try to make you believe that I’ve been thinking about art + stuff when I really haven’t?

So, the long and short of it is that I’m going to quit my job after all. Uncle T offered some very good advice in the comments of the last post which I recommend that you read if you are in a similar situation. It would make much better sense fiscally to remain employed while looking for a new job, but it is realistically unfeasible because (a) it would require someone to go through a lot of trouble and paperwork to create the position for me (which would make me feel lousy if I quit 2 weeks later), and (b) I would still need to buy a fairly expensive program and go though a lot of work to get my computer set up. Both of these scenarios also involve the fact that if I announce my intentions to leave now, I think that I can do so with minimal hurt feelings and good recommendations afterward. But if I decide to do so in a month, well…the situation might be different.

I spoke with the manager at our new apartment complex yesterday (hooray, we have a place to live!) and she recommended temping for a while. I just saw Working Girl so I’m not sure how I feel about that, but after asking around I’ve heard some reasonably good stories and might give it a try when my pockets are empty. Until then, I am going to take a renewed stab at the art/illustration/design world and try doing some things like promoting my Etsy shops and other original ideas to see if I can make them more profitable.

I could actually start drawing and painting again.

And not have to look at a computer all day.

And see if my headaches start to go away.

Life is sounding better already. Anybody need some drawing or painting done toward the end of August?


5 thoughts on “Work (work work), work (work work).

  1. Wow! I cannot wait to visit the old Stratford Place. It’s as vintage as the dresser you bought from Craigslist.

    If you and I could get a business loan, we could try starting a gallery downtown. That is what Jonathan is always saying. The main problem I have with that is my fear of signing papers.

  2. Oh good! I was afraid you didn’t like the place anymore and wouldn’t want to come and visit us. :) Our apartment was on the cheaper end, which I’m pretty sure means that it has not been renovated in a looooong time. I’m hoping that it will be sweet 60s or 70s but am prepared for ugly 80s.

    The thought of taking on a business loan scares me too — that’s part of what makes Etsy so great.

  3. Hi Paula, it’s Melissa Breese from Trinity. Claire Roise passed your post along, and I wanted to write you. I have written a children’s book which I would love to find someone to do a couple of illustrations for – I’m VERY flexible on the details, but some picture in it would be nice. Please let me know if you might be interested, and I will happily tell you all about it and pass on the little manuscript for you to read!

  4. hey paula!! i love your shop. i found a link to your blog from mavis. i think i know a way you can get adobe cs3 for cheapsters…email me.

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