Many thanks to those who chimed in with advice on the last post. I had actually (more or less) made up my mind to quit, but when I was blindsided during a meeting by a segue into “work you’ll be doing for us after you move,” I didn’t have my little speech about how I’m sorry, but I just can’t work for you ever again ready to go and I didn’t say anything. Which is probably for the best, right?

Now I have to do a lot of budget-related planning, like deciding if I can last longer on our old Mac or if I need to get a new computer (which will also require a new set of software since I’m using Adobe CS 1 and they’re up to 3.3 now). This is going to cost quite a bit of money, even if I find something used, and kind of negate the benefits of the job. But the old one is sooooooo slow!

Unfortunately, I already know that the position will not be entirely graphic design related given the kind of projects we were discussing. It will also involve maintaining databases and emailing lots of people, the kind of stuff which I hate about my current job. But maybe it won’t seem so bad when I’m sitting in my living room instead of in my office chair.

Okay, enough pondering. How about something fun and artsy-craftsy? I sent in a belated entry for the new PikaPackage, and you can see my stuff here. The PikaPackage (and Pikaland in general) is SO awesome — be sure to look at the rest of the contributions. I think that you get entered in the drawing if you subscribe to the mailing list, which something that I would seriously consider doing.

I hope you all have a good holiday tomorrow…I hope to do a lot of house-cleaning before we head off for some afternoon/evening fun. We are heading to the “west side” on Saturday to see family, so it will be a few days before I’m back. Sorry I’ve been such a lousy poster lately — everything feels really topsy-turvy right now. But that’s what moving is always like, eh?


4 thoughts on “Thanks.

  1. P-Bird,

    I’m chiming in late on your other post, after you already made comments here. However, this is my observations.

    1. You’re very loyal.
    2. You worry about things a lot.
    3. You feel responsible to stuff you shouldn’t

    Here is one of the secrets that I’ve learned in my corporate career: Not all jobs are the same.

    When you have a person that is extremely loyal, one of the ways that they rationalize staying in their current job is “well I’m sure that every job is pretty much the same, and I’ll be just as dissatisfied if I do something else.”

    In reality, out of 100 jobs, there are 80 that are pretty much the same, 10 that are horrible, and 10 that are really special. 99% percent of the really good jobs is about having a supervisor that understands you, and gives you pats on the back when you do something right. When you have the right job, you actually want to go to work. (Think of your Dad.)

    I most people that works remotely that really wants to “do the work,” they simply want the pay. And this is a pretty rotty way of spending hours each day. Find a job that you like. Life will blossom.

    So, here is my two “very opinionated” cents:

    1. You’re poor. So was your Aunty and Uncle at your age.
    2. Take any job you can to get some cash in the pocket. Remote jobs are better than no job.
    3. Do not let this keep you from quickly finding a really interesting job once you land in Florida.

    The best thing about having a job when you are looking to a job is the following:

    1. It lets the new job people that you are desirable.
    2. It doesn’t force you to take the first job.
    3. It give you time to interview

    I would look for a job, but rather than the company just interviewing you, you should interview the company. Ask question like, “Are you polite around here? How is the language? Do you guys have respect for the individual? Do you feel that hard work is rewarded? etc. etc.”

    Love you lots,
    Uncle T

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  3. Yes, I did listen to Antshillvania incessantly as a kid!! How funny. :-) Thanks for the link, I was actually wondering recently if I could get ahold of it for my kiddos.

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