And the winner is…

Monica! Three little gocco prints will soon be speeding to your mailbox.

And here y’all thought I might have forgotten about the giveaway. :) Unfortunately, my lack of posting is due not to forgetfulness but rather to an incredibly overwhelming amount of work and stress at The Day Job. Man, I keep having all these good ideas — some of which even get to the half-finished stage — for my blog + shops, but it’s just not happening. Am reminded that perfection is not the goal, one person cannot do everything, etc., but even scaling down my expectations still leads to the conclusion that something has to go.

Sooo, with the exception of a possible shop update with some original drawings (one of the half-finished projects mentioned), I don’t think there will be much activity on Jupiterbuttons until June 29 or 30, after my conference is over. This will also keep me from complaining about staying at working until midnight, people who tell me after the final program is posted that they won’t be here at the time they’re scheduled to talk, people who remind me that I’ve entirely forgotten about their poster, and stuff like that.

My last conference.


I can do this, right? 


2 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Thank you so much, Paula! I’m so glad I won, I can’t wait to receive these gorgeous Gocco prints and give them a good home!

    Thanks again!

    PS: Good luck with your conference, don’t get too stressed! I’ll keep on checking your blog for more news. :-)

  2. The gocco prints are here!!! And they are so cool, thank you again, Paula! I already have the perfect spot for them on our wall.
    I still can’t believe my luck… :-)

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