Gocco goodies.

These are other bits of goodness for the new shop…three new gocco prints!

 The Water Jar.

The Perfect Chair.

Tall Brown Boots.

They are from a series I’m calling “From the Sketchbook” that involves me choosing some ink doodles, enlarging them, and adding a dotted background. I do like dots. (And I obviously like series as well.)

The first round invovles the chair, the water jar, and the boots, but I plan to add others and print these in some different color combinations. But be warned: I’m doing relatively small sets (18-20), and once a color combo sells out I won’t reprint it. There has to be something special about the one you get, right?

I still have to put together a 150 page booklet before I can go home today (and I’ve got, like, 10 pages done so far), so I’m signing off. Thank you for all your input so far and for the new shop love — I am so happy that it’s finally up and running!


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