New shop + giveaway!

So perhaps I should have considered the fact that an insanely busy/stressful week at work is not the best time to open a new shop. Hindsight is always so good, no?

But I persevered, and here it is! I’m waiting to add the gocco prints until tomorrow, but all the new giclee prints are up. Lots of originals are also waiting in the wings and be added in future weeks.

About the giclees…I know that they are a bit more expensive than you might be used to, but the quality is really very, very nice. (Much nicer than you’ll get from someone printing them out at home, unless that person has a massive and expensive professional-grade printer.) I really don’t like to pay for a “print” that obviously came from someone’s Staples-variety HP printer. So, I paid a bit more for something that I think it good quality, and I’m asking my customers to pay a bit more as well. I think you’ll be more satisfied in the long run.

Now, about that giveaway. I only have one of each print on hand right now and want to order more, but before I do so I need some feedback as to which ones are most popular. So, if you will leave me a note by June 18 saying what your TWO favorite prints are, I’ll put your name in the hat to win a sample set of my three new gocco prints. I was going to put up a photo but it didn’t turn out very well, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what they look like. But trust me — they’re really cute!

Lion and Lamb

Wolf and Deer.

Sealion and Penguin.


The Pretty Rock.




27 thoughts on “New shop + giveaway!

  1. nice work…you’re giing these prints away? that is sooo sweet! and very cool because i’m in love w/ barnacle and starfish! i’m an ocean child.. looks like you are, too!

  2. Paula,
    As you know, I love ALL of the “At the Beach” set, but if I had to choose one favorite from each set, I would choose the one of the penguin and the seal and the one of the seaweed. If I wasn’t choosing one from each set, I would choose the starfish and the seaweed.

    Good luck with your new shop!

  3. Oo, I should clarify…I am giving away a set of three gocco prints, which are part of a different series. But they’re cute! And you’ll like them!

  4. I like all the illustrations from both “A peaceful kingdom” and “A day at the beach,” but if I had to choose one of each it would be “Wolf and Deer” and “The pretty rock.”

    Now that’s a very personal choice, because I just love wolves and gravitate towards images that depict them, but of all the ones in your :Peaceful kingdom” series, I think “Lion and Lamb” might turn out to be the most popular: something about the composition, colors, and even the religious imagery, might make this a very popular choice.

    Best of luck on your new shop. All your artwork is terrific!

  5. I really love the ocean series. My favorites are the pretty rock one and the seaweed one. But it’s hard to choose!

    Hope your new site is a great success. It looks lovely already.

  6. Hi Paula!
    I’m sooo impressed with your work. I LOVE the starfish and orange rock prints…I’m very tempted to buy them for our place. I’ve enjoyed seeing your creativity in action. And it’s fun to have discovered a fellow Pullmanite again in cyberspace…
    Kristin (Scott) Osborne

  7. My favorites: colored rocks and the penguin. Congrats on your new shop! I have your paulabirdy birds-on-a-wire print up in my kitchen!

  8. Tough, tough choice, but I’ve loved pretty rock ever since it first went up on your blog…and…oh…starfish? Or barnacles? Or maybe seaweed. Sorry I can’t do any better than that! Pretty stuff!

  9. oh the deer and the wolf…and I know my daughter would love the starfish….
    so hard to choose! they are all great!

  10. It’s so hard to decide between the sea-themed ones. All of them made me suddenly miss the Pacific coast a lot (east coast beaches are a little bland in comparison). But definitely the seaweed and then probably the pebbles.

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