At around 7:15 am this morning, I became furious with UPS. My box of new business cards was due to arrive yesterday but didn’t seem to have been delivered, so I went online to check the tracking record. It said that they were left in the garage at 4:32 pm the previous day. This seemed ridiculous because a) there were people home at the time, and b) the garage is a silly place to leave things, given the layout of my parents’ house. I went outside, looked around very thoroughly, and talked with every member of the family before concluding that UPS had lost yet another package, which would result in quite a bit of cost, time, and inconvenience in addition to postponing the opening of my new Etsy shop.

I was still plotting my angry email when I walked down the garage stairs to get in the car and noticed a box sitting on top of a shelf at the foot of the stairs.

 A box addressed to me. Containing my business cards.

Admittedly, it was a very bizarre place to leave something and I don’t know why no one heard the doorbell. But there it was. In fact, it had even been there since yesterday afternoon at 4:32 pm when I walked up the stairs to go into the house.

The moral of the story: check ALL the facts before getting mad. I am so glad that I didn’t pick up the phone and call some poor customer service representative first thing this morning!

(The second moral: clean up the garage so that it’s more obvious when someone has left something new in there.)

2 thoughts on “Oo(u)ps.

  1. I don’t get it. UPS went INTO the garage?

    There’s like 14 people in Pullman. Are you sure you don’t personally know this UPS person? Maybe somebody you wouldn’t date while in High School, and now they are getting you back?

    Uncle T

  2. Yah, they walked right into our incredibly messy garage instead of leaving the package by the front door like a normal person. It’s kind of poking through someone’s messy closet instead of leaving a note on the door.

    Pullman isn’t THAT small!

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