The puppy party.

I should warn you that this post is the blog equivalent of showing someone all the photos you took on your trip to Istanbul. You know, the one where to you snapped pics of everything, including that cute restaurant where you ate on Thursday night? But seeing as I know that the fam wants to see photos of the new pup, everyone else is invited to look at as many or as few as you want to. :)

(The black and white puppy is Alice, my sister + brother-in-law’s new border collie / blue heeler cross, and the brown and white dog is Sabina, our papillon. The setting is a little barbecue we had at their place on Sunday afternoon.)

alice 1

Hooray for soft puppy tummies!

alice 3

Alice = romping joyfully through the yard.
Sabina = planted by the meat.

alice 4

Can we be friends?

alice 5

Please stay on your side of “the line.”

alice 6

Whhhhhyyyyy won’t cousin Sabina play with me?

alice 7

Time for a little walk in the country.

alice 8

Beautiful views (+ ticks) are free.

alice 9

Alice meets the neighbors.

alice 10

Sabina = easily perturbed when someone blows on her ears.

alice 11

Mutual annoyance.

alice 12

When Bean lagged too far behind, Josh would tap her (gently) on the rear with his stick.

alice 13

Yes, my dog is eating her hostess’s food.

alice 14



4 thoughts on “The puppy party.

  1. Paula, thanks so much for posting the photos quickly–you are such a good photographer!! I can hear your particular tone of voice behind each comment–and the photo with the thistles in it is gorgeous. The dogs are obviously opposites, as any family members always are. Love, Mom

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