The cute little cottage that wasn’t.

Do you ever have times when you suddenly have a fabulous exciting bit of news that you’re dying to share but you don’t happen to see any of your friends so you don’t tell them? (Alberta, this is exaggeration — you are my friend.) And then the news ends up not happening, so you’re really really glad you didn’t tell anyone because then you’d have to go back and retract it?

Well, that happened to me this week.

When I was poking around the Pensacola Craigslist rental ads the other day, I found one for a little two-bedroom house/cottage that was right in our price range. So I started making inquiries and things seemed to just get better and better. I mean, the place has hardwood floors, a newly remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, a fenced-in backyard, and a PORCH SWING. Seeing as porch swings figure heavily in my southern living fantasies, this seemed to be absolutely perfect. My active imagination ranged from a few tasteful redecorations upon moving in to future purchasing plans and how we are going to fit all of our (future) children into one bedroom.

And then the bad news started rolling in. The damage + pet deposits are huge, we’d probably need to start a lease a month before we arrive in order to hold it, and it’s really just a little too far from the school where Josh will be teaching. Conclusion? It will cost lots of $$$ that we don’t have, both initially and in the long run, and it will require a lot of house-type maintenance that I’m sure we’ll be up to next year.

So aren’t you glad that I didn’t tell you about the darling little cottage that, for 24 glorious hours, I thought we might move into?

In other news, I am actually getting closer to opening that second Etsy shop that I mentioned a long time ago. I finally ordered new double-sided business cards and postcards during lunchbreak (after procrastinating for, like, 3 weeks), so I just need to a) print some more stuff, and b) think of a cheap-but-tasteful packaging scheme. That’s not too bad, right?

New postcard.

I’m afraid that I’m not going to solicit opinions about the cards since I already ordered them and don’t want to know what I did wrong.

New businesscard front.

But consider this your sneek peak, to be followed by the Real Thing if you place an order. :)

New businesscard back.


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