Hooray, I’m not crazy.

Sorry about the lack of artsy/craftsy posts, folks: we are finally OUT of the old apartment (after cleaning, dusting, washing, sweeping, mopping, and touching up just about everything…I really want that damage deposit back!) so things should get back to normal sometime soon. Well, as normal as they’re going to be for the next few months. I squashed my first spider in the bathroom this morning, so I guess they’re getting over their initial shyness.

Anyhow, as part of the reward for finishing the apartment — and just because it’s summer blockbuster time — husband and I have been taking in quite a few movies at the local cinema (much more than usual, I should add, seeing as this is probably our last summer with two incomes and no kids). We recently caught matinees of Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones, and Speed Racer, and, contrary to all reviews and judgments of those with better cinematic taste, I think I might like Speed Racer the best.

Me and the ten-year old boys sitting behind us.

Seeing as my taste and that of the younger generation rarely intersect, I was initially a little nonplussed by this. But then this morning I saw this post over on Apartment Therapy and decided that maybe I’m not crazy after all. The movie looks uh-MAZing, people. The color palette and filming style is like a Japanese cartoon come to life, but most of all, the HOUSE is spectacular: everything from the furniture to the posters to the cups in the kitchen are absolutely perfect and done with an amazing eye for retro-kitsch detail.

So if you like that kind of thing, you should see Speed Racer. You might need a few advil afterward (for your splitting eye-overload headache), but it will be worth it.

(I think I own that coffee pot in turquoise!)

3 thoughts on “Hooray, I’m not crazy.

  1. Yay, that makes a grand total of two good reviews which means I have amunition for self-defence when I tell people I’m going to watch it anyway: )


    And the colours do look amazing.

  2. The question is “were you a fan of the original cartoon (anime)?”

    My guess:

    Tim = Rabid Fan

    Paula = Didn’t like it much

    Marian = Watched it because Tim watched it.

    Uncle T

  3. Uncle T, how ’bout:

    Tim = might have watched it in Hill Hall during college
    Paula = might have watched it if she knew it existed
    Marian = ditto

    Sorry to disappoint. :)

    Tanaudel, yes you should see it!

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