Just the usual breakfast pandemonium.

Most of you know that, after moving out of our apartment, we have set up temporary camp in my parents’ basement (their legendarily spider-filled basement, I should add). This is giving us the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with the folks and save a bunch on rent.

I don’t know how many of you have ever moved home for an extended time after having completely moved out, but it’s always an exciting process to remember all sorts of things about your family that you had forgotten. And then if you’re married on top of it, your spouse has the opportunity to see your fam in a whole new light.

Take this morning, for example. This morning’s events included:

  • me scrounging around piles of boxes in two bedrooms to find clothes, shoes, etc., to wear
  • me realizing/remembering that it is unkind to take a long, hot shower anymore, as there are three people in line afterward
  • me laughing with husband about the dog’s incredibly piteous early morning whines (her kennel is now right next to our bedroom)
  • me pouring dry cereal back into the box after I discovered another, tastier kind in the cabinet
  • me watching Cat, the Vietnamese high school student who is boarding with my parents, play with our dog, who has escaped from the bedroom
  • husband wandering around and asking if my mother (who was supposed to give him a ride to Pullman) had forgotten about him
  • father and Cat suddenly and inexplicably rushing out the door, coffee thermos and books in hand, at 7:50 am
  • father pulling all sorts of random things out of the back of the car so that four people can fit in it
  • husband and I (still confused) trying to figure out where mother’s car is and what is going on
  • father patting down all of his eight pockets for the car key and explaining a complicated transportation system that includes meeting my mother and sister at a breakfast restaurant and several people changing cars
  • father driving furiously down the hill to the restaurant and while I try all the cell phone numbers to make sure they don’t leave before we get there
  • father actually cutting in front of an oncoming vehicle in his haste
  • father pulling into the tiny restaurant parking lot only to find that a moron has parked his truck in a manner that makes it impossible for us to get by
  • father contemplating the complexities of the parking situation and how people don’t think about what they are doing and how we are going to get out of there
  • mother and sister showing up (cheerful and well-fed) to swap cars and blow kisses at us through the window
  • father sliding through mother’s now vacant parking space and rushing to get my sister to work by 8 am
  • sister pondering what would happen if father actually “jumped out” of the car, as he proposed
  • father laughing at sister, who is really quite amusing
  • father and sister exiting vehicle in a rush, me taking over the driver’s seat
  • me asking father if he is absolutely positive that he is not forgetting anything (no, he has everything)
  • me getting ready to drive away and hearing him yell my name and ask if his key are still in the car
  • me pulling into an empty parking space (thank you, orange 2 permit) and walking into office at precisely 8:05 am

I tell ya, breakfast-time was never this exciting when we lived alone. :)

(Tim, this is mostly for you.)


4 thoughts on “Just the usual breakfast pandemonium.

  1. He’s getting his Ph.D. Even if Tim moved backed to college town USA, the Gibbs are soon to exit the family with their BICOASTAL marriage habits.

    I’d like to point out that Heziria 2:3 states, “And why hast the Lord called Israel to account? Is it not because they allow and even accept the bicoastal marriages among the tribes?”

    Just too bad that Heziria never made it in the official cannon.

    Southern California is as far as you should get from Pullman.

    Uncle T

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