A big big big moving sale.

Spending all of yesterday digging through piles of old insurance bills and artwork didn’t improve my mood a whole lot, but things are beginning to perk up today. Most of the wall decor in the apartment has come down, which is a sure sign that Something is Happening. We have also started pricing various items and it is a bit odd to look at the familiar dining room lamp and find it labeled “$10.”

Speaking of labeling, the number of round orange sticky notes has been escalating to the point where I wonder how we are going to display everything that’s for sale. For you, local readers, this is a good thing: Do you need champagne glasses? a leather office chair? a tv? ironing board? vases? We got ’em. And because we know that some of you don’t enjoy getting up early to go yard sale-ing on Saturday mornings, we are even providing you with a special, Friends-of-the-Gibbses Preview Sale. (If you’re reading this, you qualify.)

The nitty gritty is:

Preview Sale: this Friday, 8:30-10:00 or so PM
Yard Sale: Saturday, 8:00 AM – noon
For Sale: various pieces of furniture (couch, table and chairs, cabinet, low credenza, side tables, desk and hutch, nice office chair, misc shelves, etc.); dishes (set of Ikea dishes, set of vintage dishes, lots of assorted coffee and tea cups, glasses, etc.); kitchen wares (nice Cuisinart pots and pans, blender, toaster, toaster over, microwave, serving utensils, etc.); linens (new and vintage placemats, tablecloths, etc.); wall art (various posters and prints, including some of my own work and a couple of prints by Emily of The Black Apple); books; records; cds; and tons of stuff that I am forgetting.

Oh, and I am also clearing some fabric, notions, vintage patterns, and art supplies out of my craft room. And I am getting rid of some sample prints — including the first run of alphabirdybet letters — from my shop, as well as nice prints of older art school work and a pile of hand-developed photographs.

Sound like fun? Please help spread the word (Facebook invite, anyone?) and stop by on Friday or Saturday! Even if you don’t buy anything, it will be fun to survey our ridiculous amount of stuff and say hello. :)

2 thoughts on “A big big big moving sale.

  1. Awesomeness! I will surely be there…I’m sure it is weird to ask if you want me to bring anything for teh preview sale but just checking…Are we watching Office/LOST tonight…or are you guys busy busy busy?

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