I finished my photo-sorting project last night. Well, the wedding photos are still left to do, but those are far fewer and can be dealt with later.

As I look at these (very grainy) photos, it doesn’t seem as though I downsized all that much.

It’s hard to communicate just how dense everything is — each of those little tiny books contains, like, 60 photos. And then there are the big ones, the medium ones, and my two half-hearted attempts at scrapbooking.

All of which has been reduced to this.

So let me assure you that I sorted and selected and threw a lot of photos away. The orange box is full of negatives, since they don’t take up all that much space and I can’t bear to part permanently with some things just yet. But even so, my photo collection has gone on a major, major diet.


Now on to the rest of the apartment.

(The cabinet above is a sneak preview of our moving sale, which will be next Saturday, May 17. It’s, like, 10% of the kitchen/random decor items that we’ll be getting rid of, so if you’re in the market for some stuff be sure to drop by! We’re having a special preview sale at our place on Friday night at 8:30 pm, for those who want first pickings…)


4 thoughts on “Finis.

  1. That little article on clutter was great – especially since I’m trying to declutter our house before we move too! But then I see the cute little things you’ll have for the garage sale…and I’m filled with – Oh – I’d like that!

    So I need to work on this….

  2. While I’m impressed that you trimmed the photo pile so much, it is a bit sad that you threw anything away.

    Hopefully, not to far in the future, all photos will be stored on the internet in a nice backed up storge facility.

    I am hoping all the hard drives will be “Western Digital,” for employment security, at this facility.

    Until then, decluttering has its place.

    Uncle T

  3. Uncle T, I’m just going with a more primitive form of “hard drive”: the negative. And even with digital photos, it’s still not a bad idea to weed out the reeeally bad ones. :)

    Liz, I think about it as giving you an option to buy something cheap that you might like better than what you already have. Don’t love your pitcher? Well, you can have mine for $2 and give your old one to the Goodwill…where someone else who really likes it will find it. It’s all part of the great circle of recycling/upcycling. :)

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