Some art + etsy love.

In the absence of art/craft productivity, I have spent a little time poking around Etsy to find ways to empty my PayPal account (a difficult task, I know). In doing so, I came across an oil painter named Andrea Coats with a lovely little painting blog and an even lovelier shop. Andrea’s gorgeous little paintings are oh-so-affordable…I am planning to buy a small set (2? 3?) for the new kitchen after we move. Some of my favorites are below. Aren’t they gorgeous?!?

(All images by Andrea Coats, used with permission)

I should also mention, in the spirit of sharing, that I found another new-to-me shop selling Marimekko’s Unikko Lac print in blue for only $15/yard. It normally retails for something around $40/yard, so this is a really good deal. And seeing as this is the exact print, color, and size that I’ve been looking for, I bought two yards and can tell you that it is quite lovely in person. I plan to put it in the yet-unseen dining room of our yet-unrented apartment, so I hope that nothing in it clashes with blue. :)

Finally (and this did deplete the PayPal account), I am happy to announce that I am the proud owner of my very own piece of Amy Ruppel‘s encaustic art. I have loved her work ever since I first saw it online and decided during her recent online art sale that now is the time. I mean, there will never be a “good” time to spend money on art — which is so easily viewed as non-essential — unless you make it. So I made it. And now these little birdies will be flying to me soon.

(Image by Amy Ruppel)

I turned out that someone purchased the piece I wanted, but Amy very kindly made me a new one. So perfect, isn’t it?

Husband doesn’t know about this yet, so I guess this is my way of seeing if he checks the old blog. ;)


4 thoughts on “Some art + etsy love.

  1. You are the modern couple….

    “What did you mean that I didn’t tell you about my purchase, didn’t you read my blog?”

    On the other hand, I am lucky to get your Aunt to check her email once every two weeks.

    Uncle T

  2. Ooo! I heart the yellow pear the best. These paintings should most definitely find a place in your imaginary apartment! :-D We just obtained massive quantities of boxes, so our apartment will soon descend into chaos, too.

  3. Hey- Thanks for the marrimekko advice. Coincidentally I have been drooling over that fabric and the bedspreads lately, and had decided not to buy any. I really want a marrimekko bedspread for Eliot, but most of my favorites are a little too girly.

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