Behind the scenes.

Probably not so much posting this week (or next), as I am busy packing and working on this. After all the very helpful comments you left me on my what-to-do post, a 2nd shop seemed like the very best option. Paulabirdy will remain open and have all the birdy-themed items, while PaulaGibbs will carry the Day at the Beach prints, some new gocco prints, and a few other things.

Already done:

  • create new email address
  • create new shop
  • create new banner and temporary avatar
  • order new prints (they came!)
  • take photos of prints
  • design rough draft of business cards

Still to do:

  • order new business cards
  • come up with a new promotional postcard or freebie
  • edit and resize photos for Etsy listings
  • create new listings
  • finish writing shop announcement, email to buyers, etc.
  • make a few changes to the Paulabirdy shop
  • fiddle with PayPal settings
  • come up with a new packaging scheme (i.e. not ribbon)

Sound like fun? If you’re thinking about opening a shop, it’s a good idea to make a pretty complete to-do list first…I’m sure I’m still missing some things, but my current list is already long enough to banish thoughts of finishing everything in a week. :)

Given the current state of my apartment (=chaos) and schedule (=hectic), I’m putting the Monday moving sales on hold for a few weeks. I want to start adding old drawings and paintings next, and at the moment I’m not even sure where they are. I am hoping to unearth a little pile of sale-able art in the near future so I can resume the sales!


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