I made the hundredth sale in my Etsy shop yesterday and I noticed that Lauren did the same. I wasn’t sure that this would ever happen, so I’m pretty happy/relieved. Congrats to Lauren and my hundredth buyer, who will — of course — receive an extra gift. :)

This has been a rather scattered Friday so I don’t have enough time for the post I had planned. Instead, I think I will scheme (and sort photos) over the weekend and see if I can have something nice to show you on Monday. A new set of prints arrived today, which means that I also need to find time to snap a batch of photos. Oh, and I can’t forget to visit the Sing and Shout Crafts booth at the Moscow Farmer’s Market: I opted out this year, but it sounds as though the selection will be better than ever. Make sure to stop by and say hello to the Sing ‘n’ Shout girls if you’re downtown on Saturday!

 Spring Gala 2008.

I realized that I’ve neglected to post photos of the Spring Gala last weekend. It was really fun! To sum it up, a friend of ours decided to turn his house into an art gallery for two days and invite a bunch of local authors and bands to perform. Husband gave a really excellent short story reading, and I was very impressed by my friends’ musical prowess.

Spring Gala 2008.

Have a good weekend, all!

Spring Gala 2008.

(Oil paintings by Nate Stevenson)

Spring Gala 2008.

(My gouache paintings and gocco)


2 thoughts on “100.

  1. Congratulations! You reached 100 very quickly.

    The photos from the show look lovely. Especially those beach paintings. Did they all sell?

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