Photos, photos everywhere.

Hello, my name is Paula and I am a photoholic.

This would (perhaps) not be such a bad problem if it didn’t involve heaps and heaps of photos. I mean, it’s not like it’s particularly bad for me — or you — or that it’s an addiction that can’t be broken: I have smoothly made the transition from film to digital, although I do mourn for my old Nikon sometimes. Nope, the main problem is that my years of photo-taking have generated this. And this simply cannot be shipped in its entirety to Pensacola.

I apologize that the photo is lousy and that it doesn’t do justice to the mismatched towers of books, albums, boxes, photos and negatives piled on my dining room table. The stacks are quite high, and this is compounded by the problem that they are also quite dense — each album is chock full of memories, and I am now trying to decide which of those memories I don’t need to hang onto anymore.

Initially, I found this problem to be quite upsetting. Without my photos, how will I ever remember all these things? It will be as if they never happened! Once I got over the big lump in my throat and sat down to business, however, I realized that it’s not quite as bad as that. Sure, I will toss some images of mystery cities and cathedrals, but they aren’t really necessary to preserve forever, anyway — I think that I kept those photos out of a clutching, I-don’t-want-to-forget-any-part-of-that-time-in-my-life sentiment. This is not a particularly good sentiment to encourage, since there are plenty of times in my life that I don’t need or want to wallow in again. I mean, if you get wade through a swamp and find a lovely meadow on the other side, why bring complete documentation of the swamp with you?

Instead of keeping a photo of everything, then, I am trying to keep just the good ones. And by good I don’t just mean artistic, since I have come to the humbling realization that I am rather a worse photographer than I had thought (there are some really ugly pics in those stacks!). No, I mean the photos that show smiling faces and happy family birthday parties and cousins splashing in the lake. Some of these are pretty, and some are kind of grainy and off-kilter. But when I look at them, I remember that my life has been good and the God has blessed me very much.

I have provided myself with the incentive of four (okay, maybe five) shiny new albums to fill. But no more than that, since photos are really quite heavy.

Now I just need to condense this mess into four (or five) albums.

Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Photos, photos everywhere.

  1. Hello my name is Alisha and I am one too! ;) eeek you made me feel guilty as I have been thinking about the drawers of photos and how many of them need to get chucked! This was an encouragement to me however, as I just bought a few new albums. When I get too big to do anything else maybe…

  2. You’re brave…I can’t put all our pictures in one stack on one table, because it would look like that. That’s one of my dream projects: to have enough patience and time to organize them all by date/event and put them all in albums. Like that will ever happen…

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