Still sorting.

After a full day of housecleaning and stuff-sorting on Saturday, I’ve come to the realization that — as always — this moving/packing thing is going to take me longer than I’d thought.

Sorted so far: parts of craft room, knick-knacks, some tableware, linens, books.

Still in disarray: other parts of craft room, kitchen stuff, my clothes, very full file cabinet, photos, portfolios, random personal belongings.

Waiting till husband is done with school: huge quantities of CDs and VHS tapes, his clothes, desk area.

And then there are any number of categories that I haven’t even thought of yet, like stuff that lives in the bathroom cabinet that you really don’t want to throw away because that eye cream container has a little more left and you want to use it sometime, just not now. I try to psych myself into thinking that I’m not the kind of person who likes clutter, but the evidence points strongly to the contrary. I mean, I rounded up my vases on Saturday and found that I own at least 15. Yikes.

The approach to packing/de-cluttering that I’m currently employing is Slow + Steady. Start now, tackle small areas at a time, and try not to get really bogged down in memories. Stuff is really a treasure-trove of memories, isn’t it? I hold on to so many things not because I love the object itself but because I’m afraid that I’ll forget the person who gave it to me if I pass it on. But as I sit on the verge of a major move and the prospect of paying to ship all my whatsits to Florida (or storing them in my long-suffering parents’ basement), I think I need to part with some of my treasures. So I am picking things up, looking them over, smiling at my memories, and setting them resolutely on the yard sale shelf.

Even though the first box won’t be shipped for weeks yet, my move has already begun.

New cardinal gocco prints going into the shop soon!

Monday Moving Sale:
In light of all the other things going on, this week’s sale is pretty low key. I’ve marked the Portrait of the Artist gocco prints (Cardinal and Puffin) from $10 to $8, since I’ve decided that $8 will be my new 5×7 gocco print price point. I toyed with the idea of starting a new gocco print set (I have them all planned out!), but I think that it will have to wait until the end of May.

New puffin gocco prints going into the shop soon!


5 thoughts on “Still sorting.

  1. Ugh, there’s nothing I hate more than packing and unpacking. Luckily, with the Army, we only have to unpack, not pack. You’re in my thoughts…”I’m so glad it’s not me!” ;) Good luck…hope it goes fast!

  2. I am quite impressed that you are being this organized! I’m going to try and do that myself before we move in June. We just went through our books and were able to sell 37 of them on Abebooks! Woo hoo!

  3. My trick to “letting go” of those sorts of gifts, is to snap some digital pictures. They take up no real space, you still “have” it, but you don’t end up hanging onto (and moving) stuff you don’t want. : )

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