Monday, Monday.

I am (literally) seeing things a little differently this week, as both husband and I picked up new pairs of contacts on Saturday. He has never had them before, and I haven’t worn them since our wedding day and, previous to that, my senior year in college. It’s kind of strange not to have the familiar frames perched upon my nose. We immediately picked up sweet new pairs of sunglasses, which are a luxury that neither of us have had in ages, and I love the freedom of not having something in front of my face all the time. I’m waiting for the you-messed-with-your-eyesight migraine to start anytime now, but contrary to my expectations, Excedrin and I have had been getting along quite nicely so maybe this will work out after all. I really don’t want to wear glasses for the rest of my life. Father-in-law has asked for photo documention of this momentous change in our lives, so I might try to snap some pics this week.

Before I forget, this week’s Monday Moving Sale special is on 8×10 prints. As with the cards (which are still on sale as well!), I am selling off my inventory and don’t plan to print more. So if you’re interested in A Bird for All Seasons, Three Days of Christmas, or Hats, get ’em now while they’re only $10 each…

A Bird for All Seasons.

And speaking of forgetting, my fam reminded me that I haven’t posted the winning Renaissance Fair poster from a while back. There’s a short bio feature here…um, can you tell I’m a little more long-winded than the other girl? I didn’t know how long it was supposed to be, so I was squirming in my seat at the awards ceremony when my “about me” statement seemed to go on and on. Sigh.

You can find images of all the past posters here, and I think the progression is really interesting to look at. They’re pretty diverse, but I think that some of the older ones are more graphically inventive — 1979, 1986, and 2003 are my favorites. What are yours?

The finished poster:

 Ren Fair poster.

The painting:

The painting underneath.

A closer look:

A closer look.

Stepping out of the pages…

Stepping out of the book.


3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday.

  1. Beautiful! I love seeing it all over town. I just realized that my mom bought some cards and a print from you back in December on etsy (Mary Jolley in California). She likes birds too!

  2. Paula-
    I too like seeing your poster all over town, and the kids like it too. Can I get one of those? Or should I just ask the Ren fair people?


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