A Day at the Beach: Seaweed.

Here it is — painting no. 3 in the Day at the Beach series.


This piece was an interesting challenge to paint because of the translucency of the seaweed. All of the other items in the series so far (starfish, rocks, barnacles) have been opaque, and I wasn’t sure that I could get the green-filled-with-sun color I wanted. I think that oils are a far better medium for that sort of thing…I’ll probably have to convert, eventually.

Seaweed (detail).

Husband really likes the background in this and the starfish painting, and I was pretty pleased with the way that they turned out as well — a bit of abstract-ness to go along with the realism of the main object.

Seaweed (detail).

I did have an inquiry as to whether the pieces will be for sale, so I’ll go ahead and clarify that now. The four in the set have been made specially to hang at Thee Malebox Spring Gala ’08 at Asher + Matt’s house on April 25-26 (er, if you’re local and don’t know where that is, let me know and I’ll scrounge up the actual address). The paintings will be $90 each, and any that are left will go into ye olde Etsy shoppe afterward. Interested in one now…? Send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll be in touch. I will be making some prints, but I have to say that the original pieces have a texture and luster that can’t be replicated.

A note about art sales: I try to keep this blog from becoming one big advertisement for my Etsy shop and I hope that you don’t feel as though I am trying to sell you things all the time. I’m not. I like to talk about the painting process, and a lot of times I end up trying to sell the finished piece since it’s nice to get paid for my time + effort and it makes me feel like a legitimate artist/craftswoman. However, I really don’t want my friends to feel as though I expect them to buy my work! Please feel free to read and look and never buy a single thing from me, if that’s what you want.


6 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach: Seaweed.

  1. Sarah,
    I like it a lot….it’s hard a find a frame that holds that many images in a row.

    Oh wait, I forgot that I also know how to make complex microphones from scratch in the machine shop. You’re right, it isn’t fair. :)

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