Monday Moving Sale: Cards.

In the spirit of preparing for our May (to Pullman) and July (to Pensacola) moves, I’ve decided to start clearing out some inventory through my Etsy shop. This will involve both items that I’ve decided to discontinue (cards, some prints) and some original pieces from a few years back.

 Sparrow cards.

This is both fun for me — hey, everyone loves a sale! — and good for my overstuffed craft room, which cannot possibly fit into a box at the moment.

Quail cards.

The first Monday Moving Madness sale is on the Sparrow and Quail Notecards, which are now $5 for a set of four. (Some other card sets are discounted as well). I won’t be re-printing these, so get ’em now if you like the design!

Because you are my loyal blog readers, I’ll go ahead and give you advance notice that all the 8×10 prints will go on sale at some point, but the Alphabirdybet Letters will not. I need to scrounge around my portfolios for the originals, but I’ll probably be selling off some pencil drawings (leaves, shells, etc.), a scratchboard piece or two, and maybe some watercolors. And they’ll be priced to sell. :)

Also, I am always happy to waive shipping costs for locals if you are willing to pick the item(s) up from my house or at church. I feel very silly shipping across town!


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