A Day at the Beach: The Pretty Rock.

This is the second painting in my A Day at the Beach series.

The pretty rock.

When husband saw that I planned to paint a bunch of rocks, I think that he was skeptical of both the technical challenge and potential time-consuming nature of the project. But it turned out that, now that I’ve got some technique issues settled, it didn’t take all that long. Plus, gouache is a really good medium for the subject matter. (At least, I think so.)

Pretty rock, detail.

The piece is only 5×7 inches, and I did most of it with just one brush. I did add a few tiny details at the end with a smaller brush but decided not to kill my eyes by going nuts with it…it really does work best from a few feet away, anyhow.

Pretty rock, detail.

I have (of course) some related thoughts about style, realism, etc., but I’ve decided to try to let my art stand by itself a little more.

At least, as much as I’m capable of letting it…


8 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach: The Pretty Rock.

  1. I haven’t seen anything quite like this, very appealing.

    The red rock in the middle was “obvious” but not in an overdone way, and it pulls your attention.

    Nice piece.

    Uncle T

  2. I like this because I’ve tried to take pictures of “a pretty rock” and it never stands out from the rest quite like I think it will, but this captures what I’ve seen. I’d love to see a photo of it to see the scale of the painting!

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